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• 4/1/2018

[POLL] Should there be templates for characters of webtoons?

Should there be templates...?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but very simplistic ones
  • Idek wat dat is (Go read the Webtoon Article Guidelines)
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• 4/2/2018
great question! my 2 cents is, depends on how you indicate the purpose of putting the character infobox/templete is and what type of character to be considered to be mentioned.

my suggestion would be, since this wiki serves as a big picture for all webtoons (including those in discover's & the main featured's) in LINE, we can have some simple attractive infobox on the main characters only to introduce them to readers who we suppose they read it the first time, and then link each individual webtoon to the independent webtoon created by other founders with editor team who dedicated into a particular webtoon with much details, or else it would be too much to put so many details on 1 page of webtoon in this wiki.

or you are welcome to share your second opinion :)

(p/s to myself: why am i still typing lol ;-;)
• 4/2/2018
Hi, thanks for giving your suggestion. That's actually a really good idea! My original vision was to do something similar with what we already have on the pages, like the image at the bottom (cus apparently you can't type after the image ;-;). It would just make it a bit more nice-looking, and would be similar to the template {{Infobox CreatorWebtoons}}. But your idea would work well too, and I'll definitely consider it!

And most of all, thanks for contributing (:

EDIT: I made a mockup in my sandbox, which i'll have to link the url to bc you can't link it w wikitext for some reason?? anyway
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