Aerial Magic is a featured Drama webtoon created by Walkingnorth. It updates every Monday.

The first season revolves around Wisteria, a witch, who has limited magic, takes up an apprenticeship at Wings and Things and all of her life struggles and joys in the process. The second season is from the perspective of her master, Cecily.


The daily life of an apprentice witch.


Wisteria Edit

The main character of the first and fifth season. An eighteen year old witch, who cannot read spell text; she takes up a temporary apprenticeship, repairing brooms under Cecily. Her familiar is a bird-like spirit, named Puppy.

Physical Description

  • Likes: Flying, cute boots, pancakes
  • Dislikes: Competitions, chalk, queues, flying carpets

Qin Killian Edit

Physical Description

  • Likes: His family, tea, being right
  • Dislikes: Mornings, children, gloves

Cecily Moon Edit

Physical Description

  • Likes: People, hugs, "organized" clutter
  • Dislikes: Secrets, long nails, boats

Lachlan Moon Edit

Physical Description

  • Likes: Gardens, summer storms, insects
  • Dislikes: Maths, hazelnuts, liars


Episode List
Last Updated on February 28, 2018

Prologue (music)
Episode 1('music)
Episode 2 (music)
Episode 3 (music)
Episode 4 (music)
Episode 5 (music)
Episode 6 (music)
Episode 7 (music)
Episode 8 (music)
Episode 9 (music)
Episode 10 (music)
Hiatus Notice
Episode 11 (music)
Episode 12 (music)
Episode 13 (music)
Episode 14 (music)
Episode 15 (music)
Episode 16 (music)
Episode 17 (music)
Episode 18 (music)
Episode 19 (music)
Episode 20 (music)
Episode 21 (music)
Episode 22 (music)
Episode 23 (muisc)
Episode 24 (music)
Episode 25 (Season 1 Finale) (music)
Q&A + Fanart Feature
[S2] Prologue (music)
[S2] Episode 1 (music)
[S2[ Episode 2 (music)

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