Age Matters is a featured Romance webtoon created by Enjelicious. It updates every Wednesday. This webtoon follows twenty-nine-year-old Rose Choi, a woman who has all but given up on love. That is until she receives an internship under former boyfriend broke up with her on it. K


She’s a hopeless romantic who’s just touching her thirties – and is not super happy about it. He’s a reclusive billionaire who’s hired her to be his assistant – and he’s not too happy about that either. Together they rewrite the rules of friendship, love, work and the BEST way to clean someone’s apartment.


Rose Choi Edit

Physical Description:

Pale-skinned woman with black hair that has a green undertone and reddish-brown eyes


Strong-willed, clever, slightly clumsy, and brave.

About Rose Choi: Edit

Rose Choi is the main character of the webtoon Age Matters. She is a 29-year old who recently broke off an engagement with her fiancee. She is a very strong-headed, confident, happy person, but within she holds a lot of regret and heartbreak due to her romantic history. As a result, she does not want to fall in love with anyone for the time being.

Rose Choi cares a lot about Daniel. Although she initially holds a petty grudge against him due to his cocky demeanor and position as the creator of Lime which is the app her fiancee used to break up with her, she slowly becomes close to him. She is not shy to show how much she cares for him, especially when he collapses from overworking himself. She feels empathy for Daniel because she believes Daniel is going to regret spending all his time on his job and not enough on taking care of those people he loves and cares about. Therefore, she tries to guide him the best she can.

Daniel Yoon Edit

Physical Description:

A tall, muscular young man with pale skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

Very Handsome


Gets scared easily (by bugs that are literally 1/10000th of his size).

Prone to sneezing

Always overworking (so make sure he's taking care of himself)

Somewhat a kind person, but also a cold one aka a tsundere

Has grudges against Dylan Chen regarding his friendship with Rose

About Daniel Yoon:

Being the rich, handsome, and genius creator of Lime allows Daniel to be revered by everyone around him. However, all this attention weighs heavily upon him as he holds himself to very high standards and is afraid of failure especially since his young age causes him to believe that he has more to prove. Due to this, he is constantly overworking and requires a housekeeper and secretary since he is too busy managing his company to properly take care of himself. Despite his initially cold demeanor, Daniel is actually a very caring person and very protective of those close to him--such as rushing in to save Rose whenever she's drunk or whenever other men have their eyes on her. He tries his best to disregard any romantic feelings for her and constantly brings up "Rule 3" which is a rule that keeps her from engaging in any romantic relationships at work. However,r throughout the story, it seems that this rule is more meant for him than anyone else. He slowly falls in love with Rose and is even willing to throw himself in front of a deranged hitman in order to protect her.

Via Edit

Physical Description:

A pale-skinned, orange-haired, and orange-eyed person

According to Rose, she's really pretty


Cold, snobbish, somewhat fake, makes Dylan Chen carry her stuff, doesn't truly respect her friendship with Dylan, vain. Queen.

Dylan Chen Edit

Physical Description:

An extremely flirtatious silver-haired model with abs and muscles.


Very cute, confident, a soft-hearted person. IN LOVE WITH VIA.

Has grudges against Daniel (when Rose is related)


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