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Bad Love is a Comedy and Romance Canvas Webtoon created by soaporsalad.


An honor students crosses paths with the school's notorious vigilante!



Physical Appearance: Nate has blonde hair that he always wears a red hair clip in. His typical outfit is a cream sweater and tie with a button-up shirt and black pants.

Nate is the main character of the comic Bad Love. He is a freshman in high school, but is already obsessed with his grades. Sure his application letter is already looking perfect, he submits it to review from one of his school's teachers, who tells him it is boring, and will not cause him to stand out. She suggests he do something less conventional to boost his applications.

Nate has no idea what to do, but when he passes the office and sees the principal in the act of expelling semi-violent and unmotivated student, Kate, inspiration strikes. He gets permission from the principal to clean up Kate's act, and puts her through a series of extracurriculars to soothe her anger.

However, because of his sudden involvement with a bad student, the rest of the students grow suspicious and jump Nate, trying to force him to resign from student council. Kate rescues Nate, and Nate realizes he may have misjudged her.


Physical Appearance: Kate is short, with signature short, bright-pink hair that she wears with pink daisies. She always wears black tights and skirt with a pink jacket, and is sometimes depicted with sunglasses and a sucker.

Kate has a low GPA, semi-violent tendencies and misguided anger, but she is very sweet, and just wants friends, saying Nate is the first friend she has ever had. Her "violence" is not conventional, as she uses powdered sugar instead of actual weapons, and she only goes for bullies and unkind students, as well as ones she deems as "condescending" such as the student body president, Vanessa.

Kate considers Nate her closest and only friend, and goes out of her way to try and break him out of his mindset of perfection, sneaking him out of school to get lunch and coming to his rescue before he resigns from the student council.


Last updated on January 12, 2021
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