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Blood-Ink is an Action Webtoon Original created by Lupicut; it updates every Sunday.


In the Republic of Terragua, being an assassin is not only legal, but quite profitable if you play your cards right. It’s as simple as accepting a Blood-Ink, taking out the target, and getting paid. As long as you follow the rules and pay your taxes on time, there shouldn't be any problem at all. At least, that's what Maya thought until she met Rama, an unlicensed assassin with a thirst for vengeance...



Named Maya Kusumawati, a young, rebellious, sometimes childish and friendly assassin. When she meets Rama she begins to be more receptive, being that after the accident she becomes very friendly.

Regarding her appearance:

S1: Short, red and somewhat messy hair. Usually wearing a thick gray jacket and red pants. Her eyes are large and orange, and she has a small scar on her septum.

S2: After the escape attempt, her appearance changed a lot since the crash would cause the loss of her left ear and several scars on her face. She also shave the hair that is close to the area where the left ear was before and normally she would wear beach shirts with shorts.


Named Ramadan Putra Gilang, CEO of a prestigious company by day, by night he is Nox, an illegal murderer whose purpose is to revoke the murder law. At first he seems like someone upright, firm, sure and determined, but as the story progresses we find that he is actually someone very receptive, kind, shy, respectful and with great affection to Colt, his owl (or as he calls it, his queen).

Regarding his appearance:

S1: His short hair (always meticulously combed) is black like his eyes, and wears a white or gray short-sleeved shirt. In prison he grows a slight mustache that he shaves before passing through death row.

S2: The only change in his appearance is that he stops combing his hair so carefully and it becomes messy


She is a hacker and friend of Maya. She would always help her to commit the murders that were commissioned to her

Regarding her appearance:

S1: You only see a black long-sleeved sweater, and a fox head (a filter that she uses so that her face is not seen).

S2: This season we meet her in person. She has long, straight black hair, pale white skin, wears a long-sleeved black sweater, wears fox slippers, and is in a wheelchair with a blanket that covers her legs. She also has freckles and her eyes are black.


Named Alfons Sianipar, he was an ex-war veteran, father of Tiara, mentor of branch and helper of Nox. He was straight and firm, but when it came to his daughter or Rama (whom he treats like a brother or son), he became totally weak. He was 40 years old.

Regarding his appearance:

S1: He wore a green short-sleeved shirt, his hair was black and curly and he wore it loose or sometimes tied it up with a stick, he had a mustache and beard, and (since he lost his left arm) he wore a kind of arm holder (?) black.


The Queen is Rama's owl. She sees everything.


Season One

Last updated on May 9, 2020
  • Ep.1 - Red Aqua
  • Ep.2 - Blue Flame
  • Ep.3 - Arrival
  • Ep.4 - Allure
  • Ep.5 - Approach
  • Ep.6 - Closing In
  • Ep.7 - Intersection
  • Ep.8 - First
  • Ep.9 - Getting Away
  • Ep.10 - It Bites Back
  • Ep.11 - Crash
  • Ep.12 - Knock Knock
  • Ep.13 - Confrontation
  • Ep.14 - Now What?
  • Ep.15 - Know Your Place
  • Valentine's Special
  • Ep.16 - House Warming
  • Ep.17 - Masked Again
  • Ep.18 - Together
  • Ep.19 - Mental
  • Ep.20 - Drink
  • QnA Episode
  • Ep.21 - Back to Life
  • Ep.22 - Her
  • Ep.23 - Just a Hug
  • Ep.24 - Tag Team
  • Ep.25 - Shaken
  • Mother's Day Special
  • Ep.26 - Vulnerable
  • Ep.27 - Wait
  • Ep.28 - Fear
  • Ep.29 - Realize
  • Father's Day Special
  • Ep.30 - Another Go
  • Ep.31 - Screwed
  • Announcement
  • Ep.32
  • Ep.33
  • Ep.34
  • Ep.35
  • Ep.36
  • Ep.37
  • Ep.38
  • Ep.39
  • Ep.40
  • Ep.41
  • Ep.42
  • Ep.43
  • Ep.44
  • New Year's Special
  • Ep.45
  • Ep.46
  • Ep.47
  • Ep.48
  • Ep.49
  • Ep.50
  • Ep.51
  • Ep.52
  • Ep.53
  • Ep.54
  • Ep.55 (Season 1 Finale)
  • End of Season Q&A

Season Two

Last updated on February 27, 2021
  • Ep.56
  • Ep.57
  • Ep.58
  • Ep.59
  • Ep.60
  • Ep.61
  • Ep.62
  • Ep.63
  • Ep.64
  • Ep.65
  • Ep.66
  • Ep.67
  • Ep.68
  • Ep.69
  • Ep.70
  • Ep.71
  • Ep.72
  • Ep.73
  • Ep.74
  • Ep.75
  • Ep.76
  • Ep.77
  • Ep.78
  • Ep.79
  • Ep.80
  • Ep.81
  • Ep.82
  • Ep.83
  • Ep.84
  • Ep.85
  • Ep.86
  • Ep.87 (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.88 (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.89 (Fast Pass)