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Blue Matter is a Fantasy Webtoon Original created by forgotuser; it updates every Wednesday.


Society has risen into the sky with beings known as Angels. Capable of wielding a powerful element, Angels use this incredible ability to combat the threat of mindless killers — Demons. But one choice may change the course of the world when Shinsa, a completely cognizant Demon, is spared by the high-ranking Angel, Astler Leidt.


Main Characters


Shinsa is a cognizant demon. She is portrayed as being the ignorant demon princess of Shin-An. She is bright, bubbly, and parades around as if she is everyone's friend.

Astler Leidt

Astler Leidt is the Admiral. It is implied that he is stronger than the entire Guard. He displays signs of (relatable) social awkwardness. He spared Shinsa on Shin-An and later helps her disguise herself among angels.

Secondary Characters


Ryung is formerly the Gladiolus working under Master Loy in the Underbelly. Despite being a blank, his near-perfect memory has allowed for him to become the best in the Wildflower Vault. He is also popular among many of the guard who frequented the Underbelly, with them crowding around his residence in episode 25.

Euclase de La Solgloire

Euclase is part of the prestigious Solgloire career family. His eyes are very pale, causing for him to often receive scorning. He is rather insecure about this and hides under a shield of pride. As a result, he can often jump to conclusions and relies upon prejudice and pre-conceived notion.

Lanning Chey

Lanning is formerly a pilot from the Chey Isles. She is commonly portrayed as being naïve and optimistic. After leaving her home land, she has become infamous and known as the 'pilot who believed she was too good for Chey'.

Because her eyes lean towards literacy, she is underestimated, but can still fulfil tasks regardless. She looks up to Eastern Captain Ludwig because of his role despite his eyes being a deep purple hue.


The sly Director of the Institute. Astler notes that she is suspicious, noting several things which would make her seem untrustworthy. However, he immediately contradicts this point, stating that he would trust Icarus with his life. She wears primarily black, with a turtleneck dress, pants, gloves, and high heels, an exception being a white lab coat slung over her shoulders. Icarus has red hair primarily worn in a braid.

Minor Characters

Eugene de la Solgloire

Eugene is the Captain of the Northern Squadron under the Admiral. A year prior to the first episode, his previous squad was wiped out by a twin lion of Shin-An (Shinzen). Currently, his new squadron is small, consisting of the previous year's top candidates which were scraped together..

Eulifer de la Solgloire

Despite her initial appearance of the professional secretary of Admiral Leidt, Eulifer's entire personality is a façade. In episode 27, she breaks character to show an entitled individual who is vying to become closer to the Admiral, where she is depicted smoking and cursing out Shinsa.

She has little to no jurisdiction when it comes to her family. During episodes 25 & 26 (A Solgloire Affair), she is shown to feel sympathetic towards Euclase, but is unable to do anything when he is being reprimanded.

Rangda Ishriv

Rangda hails from a family of career angels. She graduated valedictorian from the military academy above Euclase and is sponsored by Bach. She has great cael capacity with which she can easily trump Euclase in a spar, but is easily beat by Ryung because she relies too heavily upon it.

General Bach

General Bach is in charge of the Guard. Due to his old age, his mind has deteriorated to the point which he can no longer wear a halo. He appears to have a certain level of disdain towards his fellow peers, especially Icarus.

Archangel Seraphina

Seraphina is Astler's mother. Despite this, she does not appear to have an integral part in his life, an example of which being in flashback sequences, where Icarus is primarily shown to be taking care of Astler.


Shinzen was the twelfth prince of Shin-An and Shinsa's closest sibling. He his first appearance is brief, where in the first episode, Astler eliminates him as a threat. His next appearance is within the flashback episodes (13-15) where it is explained that he was drugged and transformed into a demon. Upon figuring out this fact, Shinsa enacts punishment and slaughters the entire palace of Shin-An. She next follows the trail of angels into the Celestial Reef where she hopes to find closure in 'chasing after his ghost' because no corpse was found upon the battlefield.


Last updated on August 6, 2022
  • Ep.1 - Demon of Shin-An
  • Ep.2 - Welcome to the Celestial Reef
  • Ep.3 - Citizenship Exam (1) Gateway
  • Ep.4 - Citizenship Exam (2) Reunion
  • Ep.5 - Citizenship Exam (3) Target Practice
  • Ep.6 - Citizenship Exam (4) The Art of Cael
  • Ep.7 - Citizenship Exam (5) The Blood Moon Ravine
  • Ep.8 - Citizenship Exam (6) How to Deal with Poachers
  • Ep.9 - Citizenship Exam (7) Courage of a Snitch
  • Ep.10 - Citizenship Exam (8) A Good Punch
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  • Ep.13 - Shin-An: Shinsa's Side (1)
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  • Ep.16 - We Meet Again
  • Ep.17 - Sparring (1)
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  • Ep.19 - Ambush
  • Ep.20 - Demon of Coelcaitus
  • Ep.21 - To the Rescue
  • Ep.22 - Confession
  • Ep.23 - The Truth
  • Ep.24 - The Armada's Requirements
  • Ep.25 - A Solgloire Affair (1)
  • Ep.26 - A Solgloire Affair (2)
  • Ep.27 - A Little Too Lenient
  • Ep.28 - Halo Shards (1)
  • Ep.29 - Halo Shards (2)
  • Ep. 30 - Departure
  • Ep. 31 - Into the Underbelly
  • Ep. 32 - Cherry Blossom Pavillion
  • Ep. 33 - Wildflower Vault
  • Ep. 34 - Shinsa vs. Ryung (1)
  • Ep. 35 - Shinsa vs. Ryung (2)
  • Ep. 36 - The Eye Thief (1)
  • Ep.37 - The Eye Thief (2) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.38 - Phantom (1) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.39 - Phantom (2) (Fast Pass)