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Under the pretense as a die-hard fan of popular boy band K.Age, Meiya is in fact secretly dating the band's lead vocalist, Jun (Blue). But when the boys all transfer into her school together, how long will she be able to keep her secret?


Ku Meiya Edit

Physical Appearance:

  • Likes: Instant Food, Online Shopping
  • Dislikes: Cold Weather

Lee Jun (Blue) Edit

K.Age Lead Vocalist Edit

Physical Appearance:

  • Likes: Donuts (Green Tea), Guitar
  • Dislikes: Chores

Han Dai Yun Edit

K.Age Guitarist Edit

Physical Appearance:

  • Likes: Donuts (Glazed), Variety Shows
  • Dislikes: Loud Noises, Anything Dirty

Lin Ren Edit

K.Age Drummer Edit

Physical Appearance:

  • Likes: Donuts (Choco Creme), Soap Drama
  • Dislikes: Called Short, Vegetables

Wang Fong Edit

K.Age Bass Edit

Physical Appearance:

  • Likes: Donuts (Strawberry), Gaming
  • Dislikes: Members wearing his clothes

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on October 31, 2018

Chpt 0: Her Secret
Chpt 1: Boys and Donuts
Chpt 2: Donut Bait
Chpt 3: Triangles and Squares
Chpt 4 : Lost Puppy
Special: Mid-Autumn Festival
Chpt 5: Price
Special: Halloween
Chpt 6: Expiry Date
Chpt 7: Ominous Sign
Chpt 8: Red Chrysanthemums
Chpt 9: Febuary Snow
Extra: Q & A
Chpt 10: The Truth (1)
Chpt 11: The Truth (2)
Happy Lunar New Year!
Chpt 12: Wishful Thinking (1)
Chpt 13: Wishful Thinking (2)
Chpt 14: The After
Chpt 14.1: The Before
Chpt 15: Crybabies
Chpt 16: Coincidence
Chpt 17: Prince
Chpt 18: Prince (2)


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