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Chasing Stars is a Fantasy and Romance Canvas Webtoon created by Anadia-chan; it is currently on an indefinite hiatus.


Emery Moon is Asteria's #1 most wanted thief and Aston is desperate to prove himself by catching her, but can he stop her from stealing his heart too?


Emery Moon

Physical Desc: Long blonde hair, green eyes, roughly 5 feet and 6 inches tall

Personality: Cunning

Quote:"How cute, do you actually expect me to start monologuing? Sorry, but as I've said before, I've got places to be. [...] So you've said. So I'm quote sorry about what I'm about to do- Nothing personal, darling."


Physical Desc: Brown hair, blue eyes

Personality: Loyal, determined

Quote:"I swear it to you I will bring back our Great Spirit, our protector and I will redeem myself! I will not rest until I find the thief- and bring her to justice."


Physical Desc: Short blonde hair with a braided strand on his right, blue eyes

Personality: Assistive

Quote:"We should leave the city. It's not safe for you."

The King


Last updated on September 4, 2018
  • Ep.1 - Catch Me
  • Ep.2 - If You Can
  • Ep.3 - And I Vanish
  • Ep.4 - Right Before Your Eyes