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Chimera Heart is a Fantasy and Slice of life Canvas Webtoon created by Sophia Schroeder (birdy_39).


In a magical alternate reality, Ita, a teenage chimera girl, moves to Carnelian City with her older brother and five strangers. Through the Crest of the Stars, a universal organization that protects and helps society function, Ita and her new friends attend Carnelian City High through the Academic Program. However, just as she starts to adjust to high school life, a new enemy rises and threatens the Crest and society as they know it.


Ita Ferguson

A 15-year-old chimera girl who is goofy and optimistic. Despite her troubled past, she keeps a positive outlook on life, much to the annoyance of her brother, Kashi. She tends not to care what other people think of her or her decisions. She also has a passion for cartoons and cheerleading.

Kashi Ferguson

A 17-year-old chimera boy who is cool and sarcastic. He dwells on his troubled past, which causes him to be overprotective of his sister, Ita. He tries his best to keep his little sister's fantasies on the ground, but to little avail. He likes football and video games.

Mazenta Nami

A 14-year-old mermaid girl who is insecure and shy. She usually stutters on her quiet words, and has trouble making small talk. Even though she is shy, she is very kindhearted and tries not to get in anyone's way. She also loves to draw.

Taimu Kipa

A 19-year-old human male who is intelligent and stern. As a Starrior in-training, he takes his position as Head Caretaker very seriously. Although he appears cynical, he is shown being playful to his girlfriend, Kokoro.

Faji Miller

A 17-year-old cougar-human hybrid girl who is confident and stubborn. She is known to get passionate or fired up whenever she wants to be right in an argument. She also likes snakes.

Kokoro Kiseki

An 18-year-old android girl who is sporty and knowledgeable. Because of her technological being, she is usually the one to provide information about species and characters to the others.

Una Ramirez

A 15-year-old peacock-human hybrid girl who is calm and sociable. She is an easy-to-talk-to person, and is shown being very friendly to new people.

Yami Rozu

A mysterious and seductive woman. Not much is known about her yet, but she is known to be hateful toward unnatural and technological magics.


A show-offish and flamboyant human girl with a theater/performance aesthetic. She is shown to possess cryokinesis, and is also the younger sister of Keimuri.


An energetic and bouncy cyborg boy. He is shown to possess electrokinesis.


A quiet and serious human girl. She is shown to possess typhokinesis. She is also the older sister of Masuku.


An anxious girl who is made out of wood. She is shown becoming friends with the equally-anxious Mazenta.

Yosei Willowsky

A determined and clearheaded fairy who runs Carnelian City High's morning announcements. She quickly becomes friends with the main cast.

Prima Swanson

A playful and comedic human girl who runs Carnelian City High's morning announcements. She also becomes friends with the main cast.

Nea Politan

A rude and stuck-up glacie girl who is captain of the Carnelian City High Cheer Squad.


Last updated on March 4, 2019