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Do You Remember? is a Romance and Drama Canvas Webtoon created by ddain_s.


Remember that one time.. that you actually loved me? There's nothing Odelia hoped for other than being liked back, but that small thing couldn't even be granted to her. That's why she wrote this letter, the letter that wouldn't even reach its receiver.


Odelia Schmidt

A transfer student, and is also the main character of the story. The story follows in Odelia's POV as she reminisces about her past. Odelia has an average, petite build and fair skin. She has medium-length puce-like pink hair tied at the side into a ponytail with yellow-pink dull eyes.

William Müller

One of the original students in the class. Not much yet is known to the character except that he was the first one Odelia talked to. William has short, plaid coral pink hair, yellow-green eyes, and fair skin.


Last updated on May 9, 2021
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