Down To Earth is a Romance Webtoon created by Pookie Senpai. Originally released on Discover, it has since moved to Originals and updates every Tuesday.


Kade lives his average life alone and undisturbed... until a cute alien girl crashes into his backyard! By opening up his home, will this other worldly girl inadvertently open up his heart?


Zaida Edit

A protagonist of the series. Zaida is an alien with special powers such as levitation and telepathy. She comes from a planet called Zodia, and it is implied that she run away from her old home. Zaida is a sweet, "thicc" girl who seeks to fit in among the Earthlings.

Kade Edit

The second protagonist, Kade is a human who just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. He saved Zaida from a fall after her ship crashed in the woods near his house. Kade is housing Zaida while she acclimates to Earth. He has a black cat called Kosmo.

Stace Edit

Kade's (ex)manager at Spender's. He's laid back with long hair, though takes his job and his clients satisfaction seriously, eventually firing Kade for lacking at good customer experience.

Ethan Edit

A high-schooler who makes Kade and Zaida unintentionally uncomfortable.



The Discover version of Down to Earth is no longer available and was deleted prior to the release of the revamped version which is advertised on Webtoon Originals.

Trailer(s) Edit

Official Trailer Down To Earth

Official Trailer Down To Earth


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