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Down To Earth is a Romance Webtoon Original created by Pookie Senpai; it updates every Tuesday, but is currently on an end-of-season hiatus. The series originally premiered on Canvas (then Discover), but was removed on January 17, 2020.


Kade lives his average life alone and undisturbed... until a cute alien girl crashes into his backyard! By opening up his home, will this other worldly girl inadvertently open up his heart?



The protagonist of the series, Kade is a human who just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. He saved Zaida from a fall after her ship crashed in the woods near his house. Kade is housing Zaida while she acclimates to Earth. He has a black cat named Cosmo .Kade is currently sick but is getting better


The deuteragonist of the series, Zaida is an alien with special powers such as levitation and telepathy. She comes from a planet called Zodia, and it is implied that she run away from her old home. Zaida is a sweet girl who seeks to fit in among the Earthlings. Zaida resembles Kade's ex-girlfriend, Delilah, but supposedly has a very different personality.


Kade's manager at Spender's. He's laid back with long hair, though takes his job and his clients satisfaction seriously, eventually firing Kade for lacking at good customer experience. Stace rehires Kade later in the series after finding out he is friends with Zaida. He has admitted that he is so busy that he does not have time to make friends in result does not have any friends


Ethan is a high-schooler who makes Kade and Zaida unintentionally uncomfortable. He quickly befriends Zaida, but Kade remains suspicious of him. Ethan got Kade a job at Mallmart after he's fired from Spender's and is upset when Kade quits Mallmart, too. He is happy after figuring out Kade had a good day at work. Has a crush on a girl named Jessica whom he met at Mallmart


Ellie is a childhood friend of Kade's who introduced him to Delilah. Unbeknownst to Kade, Ellie had a crush on him at the time, and continued to crush on him into adulthood. Following Kade's series of unfortunate relationships, Ellie kisses him and the two begin to date. Like Kade's previous relationships, he and Ellie did not work out, and although things were strained for a while, he and Ellie eventually made up and continued being friends.


Not much is known about Delilah, but she is an ex-girlfriend of Kade's and was his first love.


Suzy is Kades co-worker she is tall and has vitiligo she is friendly but is bad at starting conversations she and Kade have similar tastes in music.


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