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Dungeons & Artifacts is an Action Webtoon Original adapted by Zerowater and written by UMKY with no listed illustrator; it updates every Monday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.

The series is based on a web novel by the same name created by Zerowater.


A dungeon-guiding gig goes sideways for explorer Stetch Atelier when the prince who hired him tricks him into activating a fatal curse. But instead of staying dead, Stetch is resurrected by a sentient artifact that offers him a deal that may help him get his revenge. To hold up his end of the bargain, Stetch sets off on a long journey of raiding dungeons, slaying monsters, and making new enemies and friends along the way.

Explorer Skills

Pathfinding: Ability to Find the Shortest route to your target (lvl 7) Ch-1

Animal Instinct: Maximizes the senses in toes and fingertips and enhances hearing to give the ability of 'echolocation'. (lvl 7) Ch-8

Memento Mortem

Memento Mortem is a Symbiotic Artifact which is unique amongst the different types of artifacts. It can evolve with the absorption of different artifacts and mana stored in cursed objects or monsters. With every artifact absorbed, it opens up 3 base skills along with additional skills depending on how much stored artifacts and stored mana is currently in Memento Mortem. It's a broken artifact predicted to be able to store around 40 different skills while most individuals will be lucky to obtain even 10 skills in their given lifetime. Furthermore, because of its relation to curses, cursed items that would usually give someone debuffs can be worn by the owner of Memento Mortem. However, while it's broken, it does have its counters. Some skills condense mana to create an activation core which produces a skill's effect. If the colorless seed-size activation core takes damage during its creation, it will disperse the mana and the skill will cancel.

Active Skills

Cursed Eating: Ability to eat and absorb the mana from cursed objects or monsters. Excess absorbed is stored within Memento Mortem to be later used for upgrades to the artifact later down the land. (lvl 4) Ch-8

Air Burst: Stronger version of Air bullet. CH- 8

  • Air Bullet: Air Burst fires Air compressed Bursts at a high speed (increases the damage and attack speed) CH- 2

Recovery: Automatically recovers stamina and injuries. CH-5

Surge: An AoE attack that has a low chance to apply 'fainting' and 'paralysis' status ailments to enemies in a chosen area. CH-43

  • Ark: Shoots out an electric shock. Activates the status effect 'faint" with a low possibility. Activates chain effect on a max of five enemies. Ch-11

Crosswind: Emits a gust of wind from the center of the body rendering projectiles useless. Mana cost increases the longer the skill is active. CH-12

Fireball: A spherical flaming projectile that leaves a trail of flames. Can be enhanced by using extra mana. Ch-14

Cursed Aura: Redirects cursed energy from cursed items worn my the owner to surrounding enemies, stunning the enemy proportionally to the length the skill is held.. Ch-17

Curse Devourer: Absorbs all energy within a cursed item to boost a skill. CH-22

Tesla: Creates an orb that automatically attacks enemies within range. The Orb's duration depends on the amount of mana used and the number of times it attacked. - Ch-46

Combo Skills

  • Curse Devourer+ Fireball--> Inferno: Emits high temperature flames and incinerates its target.
  • Airburst + Fireball = Blazing Storm

Passive Skills

Mending Soul: Seems to be a revival skill that uses all of Memento Mortem's stored mana to revive the user. The after effects are a short debuff period along with a 12 hour time limit to replenish any amount of mana for Memento Mortem or else he and the user will die shortly after. CH-2

Reflective Skin: Low probability of Reducing Damages Inflected. Damage reduction and probability increase with level proficiency. (lvl 1) CH-19

Automatic Reflex: With a low probability, it briefly increases reaction time when attacked. (lvl 1) CH-21

Magic Resistance: Effectiveness of all spells that negatively affect status is reduced. Current resistance: 20%. (lvl 1) CH-24


Enhances objects by temporarily filling them with magic energy.

Stetch Atelier


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