Glacias is a discover Fantasy Webtoon created by Yaruno and Nawa. It was originally published in Discover on November 12, 2016.


Updates every Saturday! (Except first Saturday of the month) In a world where people live in fear of dragons, Juka, together with his dragon Lyth, is trying to bring balance between humans and dragons! He claims that humans and dragons can live side by side, if they only took the time to understand each other. Along his way he meets a lot of resistance, mostly existing out of Dragon Hunting Guilds. You can also read 3 other series written by Yaruno on this site: Undead Dominion, Behemoths, and Immortal Weakling


Juka Edit

Juka is a seventeen year old boy with white hair and ice blue eyes. He is generally naïve to basic human etiquette since he was raised by a dragon sage. Juka carries an ice elemental weapon in the shape of a spear. He is very close friends with his dragon, Lyth. His dream is to build Glacias, a city where humans and dragons can live in harmony.

"If people see that you and I can work together with dragons, they will believe us, they'll see that dragons are not evil." Juka to Aleria, Episode 13

Dragon: Lyth

Aleria Edit

Aleria is a 16 year old girl who used to work at an inn. Her father was killed when a fire dragon lost control of his flames while defending himself. She has braided black hair, brown eyes and a fiery personality. After joining Juka and Lyth on their journey, she befriends a fire dragon named Thaeron. Aleria often acts as a healer on their journey.

"My father wouldn't want me to abandon this dragon." Aleria's thoughts when befriending Thaeron, Episode 26

Dragon: Thaeron

Akkin Edit

Akkin is an 18 year old man with long black hair, usually tied back, and black eyes. He dotes on his younger brother, Iru, so much so that he doesn't stop to think about what he himself wants. Akkin is the eldest son of Dracis, the leader of the Hyoga Dragon Hunting Guild. After seeing that dragons and humans can indeed live together peacefully, he turns against his father.

" I didn't...I'm sorry." Akkin to Aleria after she asks him if he thought about how Juka, Iru, and herself would have felt if he had died, Episode 61

Dragon: Kyuu

Iru Edit

Iru is a 13 year old boy, black-haired and green eyed, who is the younger brother of Akkin. He loves all animals, especially dragons, which made him especially unsuitable for the Wolf and Dragon Trials. He feels guilty when Akkin protects him from various dangers on their journey. Iru is the main reason why Akkin makes the choices he does.

"No! I'm not going to let you be killed! I'm sick and tired of watching you get hurt!" Iru to Akkin, during Juka and Akkin's execution, Episode 79

Dragon: Raigo


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