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I'm the Grim Reaper, formerly stylized as IM THE GRIM REAPER, is a Supernatural Webtoon Original created by GRAVEWEAVER; it updates every Sunday. The series originally appeared on Canvas and was re-uploaded to Originals on August 24, 2019. The Canvas art was all in black and white, aside from some red in bolder locations, such as a person's mark. However, the Originals version features colored characters with black and red backgrounds.


On earth there are bad people, and then there are REALLY BAD people. If you’re one of the latter, you don’t just get sent to Hell, you get sent to Hell and get assigned a job collecting the souls of some of the worst people on Earth. Such is the career path of a young woman named Scarlet, who dies and is delivered down to the fiery underworld only to find herself in an entry level position as...The Grim Reaper!



Scarlet is the main character, at the start of the Webtoon we are shown her final moments before dying. We can notice there are police sirens on the page before she truly dies. She is one of the many who belong to the Ninth Circle of Hell, where she exists in oblivion until the end of time itself.

Scarlet has dull black hair, styled in what Satan calls 'Woodchipper'. Her body is dotted with small x-mark scars, though that is just the stomach area. Her Grim Reaper outfit consists of a white long sleeve shirt with a large red X in the middle, although that is likely her sinner's mark. On the outside, she wears a coat that bears a cross-like pattern on the sides. Scarlet also wears a red scarf, and her lip bears a faint x-shaped scar. Her eyes, which are red, are usually humanoid, though at times her pupils become sharp and feline-like. Once she starts to use the powers of a Grim Reaper, she has two pointed 'horns' on her head that grow in size as the demon insider her takes control or when she's extremely enraged. She also has a tail that involuntarily wags

Scarlet is a rather secretive woman, yet at times this trait does not remain true to a T. It should be noted that Scarlet is a dense person at times, and she's emotional as well. As the story goes on, we can see she holds a pessimistic outlook on humans and sinners, overall the entire world. She has some smarts, knowing how to turn conversations into her favor. Fans recognize Scarlet commonly gets into fights, which could very soon kill her. At times, she knows how to manipulate someone as seen with her first interaction with Chase. More so, she is shady at times. We also know that Scarlet has an affiliation with the "Red Spades" a criminal organization (This is fake, not a real gang)


Chase is a former detective that worked for NYPD. He bumps into Scarlet in the first episode. He has a strong hatred for sinners and believes they deserve to be killed. He likes games, cats, and figurines. He is marked as a sinner which is learned in ep 30 that he is marked for killing a man that he was intaragating. he has much experience in convincing talk to go his way. He has ways to keep track even though he´s not at that point yet. Although he was kicked from being a detective many years ago, he is still very skilled at examining evidence and thinking logically. At times he uses his logical thinking to help Scarlet think clearly.


Satan is the king of hell. He can send people to each circle based on the severity and amount of sins they have committed. He meets Scarlet and turns her into the grim reaper by giving her a body and a demon with it. He told her to kill a sinner per day. He is orange-ish with black horns. He has an X on the center of his chest in the middle of a yellow circle. He has six spider-like legs on his back. He also extremely hates angels and the other people in heaven.


Brook aka the rabbit reaper is introduced as a stalker following Scarlet around and snapping photos of her with his phone. He turns out to be the second oldest Grim Reaper. He reveals that he became a reaper when he offered to switch places with his sister in hell. He is hundreds of years old. He uses his demon powers to create a powerful hand, which he uses in close combat. He has once torn off two of Scarlet's limbs: an arm and a leg. Unlike Scarlet, he is not a sinner. He works for a big criminal organization called the Red Spades since he was seen next to the boss and has defended her from Scarlet, and also referred to the assumed leader of the Red Spades as "boss". He seems to have a deal in place with the aforementioned boss, as he says that he does not feel bad about killing the people she instructs him to, as they are "bad" people. Furthermore, he will reap the bosses' soul in the end, as per their deal. He says that he could be friends with Scarlet. Later he starts to train scarlet to control her demon


We see Jordan as the first sinner that Scarlet kills. Appearing beside Scarlet as she worries over the "One. Sinner. Per. Day. Policy". First takes her on a "date" to a Japanese/Chinese restaurant. Then leads Scarlet to an alleyway. He then proceeds to get killed as Scarlet gets reminded of the policy. Note that before this point Jordan always kept a knife in a pocket just in case things go wrong. Jordan, as we find out, is a serial killer. He "Lures women to his apartment ", as Satan mentions. After that he murders them, and in hell he mentions how he enjoys the look and screams of a dying woman. He is sentenced to the sixth level of hell to forever drown in an ocean, dragged down by his sins.


Ana is another minor character that made Scarlet realize that people have different moral codes. She introduced in Ep.9 as the mother who has lost her six-year-old son. She is visited by Chase and Scarlet, as Chase is on a case to find out where her son is, and possibly figure out the reason her son is missing. Near the end of episode nine and in episode ten, Chase suspects that she is responsible for her son's disappearance since she is showing signs like stuttering and using past tense to describe her son. These suspicions were confirmed to be true. Scarlet kills her for her daily sinner, and Ana is to hang in the fifth circle while birds peck at her flesh until there's nothing but bones left. Then, her flesh will return for the birds to have another meal. It is revealed that her son was very sick and dying, and she couldn't afford medical bills. Her life was also very miserable since her parents forced her to get married to and cheated on by a man she didn't really like. She also got pregnant without getting much of a say and had her baby's father leave her. Although she did what she thought was right, Ana is still considered a sinner to be sentenced to Hell.


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