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Journey to Elysium (formerly known as The Adventures of Marty and Jeff) is a webtoon series created by Ope Okusi. It is an action sci-fi series that will be relaunched in 2020 on Line Webtoon Canvas. It is about a young boy named Marty who embarks on a journey with his friends to find and discover the lost planet of Eden. It is in the process of being redrawn to launch again on Canvas sometime later in 2020.


The glorious planet of Eden has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years. Without it, the Nimra Stream Galaxy cannot remain in paradise. A great number of Luminous Children have been sent out to find it yet have failed to do so for many years. Who will discover the planet of Eden and bring harmony to the galaxy again? Marty, a young boy from Palmshine has taken up the challenge.


Main Cast Edit

Marty Delano (Main Protagonist)

Story Arc Edit

Season One: The Great Mission Saga
Luminous Child Arc 2020 Ep. 1 - TBA


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