"Just a Dream" is a discover webtoon created by Hzlnut. In the webtoon, the main character, Mari, has consecutive dreams every night about a mysterious boy. This boy goes on adventures with her every night. This webtoon was well received, gaining 1,000 subscribers within 6 episodes.

Synopsis Edit

Maricris keeps seeing the same person in her dreams. But this person is a complete stranger to her. What will happen if she finally meets him in person?

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Maricris Edit

Physical Desc: Orange hair, blue eyes.

Personality: According to the author:

Likes: Pink, cute things, small things

Dislikes: Bugs, betrayal

Hobbies: Watching k-drama, imagining things

Quote: "I'm sorry, you two, because of me..."

Sky/Blake Edit

Physical Desc: Ice blue hair, yellow eyes (Dream ver.)

Black hair, yellow eyes (Life ver.)

Personality: Depressed and prefers to be in solitude.

Quote: "Wahh, look at these snowflakes!"

Lisa Edit

Physical Desc: Brown hair, brown eyes.

Personality: According to the author:

Likes: Hot boys, teasing Luke, Simple things

Dislikes: Complicated things

Hobbies: Hanging out

Quote: "Hey sup orange head!"

Luke Edit

Physical Desc: Redhead, green eyes.

Personality: According to the author:

Likes: Maricris, Hair gel

Dislikes: Bugs, rejection

Hobbies: Cooking, baking

Quote: "Gyaa N-no I mean yes..."

Secondary Characters Edit

Mrs Ross Edit

Physical Desc: Purple hair, Black eyes.

Personality: Very strict teacher. Her students call her "Mrs Witch".


Single Appearance Characters Edit

Unnamed student Edit

Physical Desc: Black hair, black eyes.

Personality: Ladies man.

Quote: "You're under arrest!"

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on January 19, 2019

Ep. 1 "Wake Up"
Ep. 2 Meaninless Dreams
Ep. 3 That Guy Again
Ep. 4 Waiting
Ep. 5 Meeting
Ep. 6 In a Hurry
Ep. 7 Imagination
Advance Happy New Year
Ep. 8 You
Ep. 9 Siblings
Ep. 10 His Existence
Ep. 11 Long Time Crush
Ep. 12 Stars
Ep. 12.5 BONUS
Ep. 13 New Student
Ep. 14 Ask
Ep. 15 Blake
Ep. 15.5 Marie and Chris
Ep. 16 Fireworks
Ep. 16.5 Marie and Chris part 2
Ep. 17 School festival part 1
Ep. 18 School festival part 2
Ep. 19 School festival part 3
Ep. 20 Date
Ep. 21 Confession?
Ep. 22 At Lisa's
Ep. 23 Cake
Ep. 24 Like
Ep. 25 Misunderstanding
Ep. 26 Finally
Ep. 27 Liked part 1
Ep. 28 Liked part 2
Ep. 29 Fine part 1
Halloween Special Collab
Ep. 30 Fine part 2
Ep. 31 Good Morning
Ep. 32 Letter
Happy New Year
Ep. 33 Follow

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