KILLMAX is a Supernatural Webtoon Original written by Kennycomics and illustrated by SilentMaru; it updates every Friday.


Born into a bloodline of witches, Max is forced into a life on the run from the witch hunters. But when she unknowingly finds a way to use her magic, her life changes into something she could have ever imagined.



Season One

Last updated on October 29, 2020

Ep.1 - Prologue - Max Love
Ep.2 - Prologue - The Witch Hunt
Ep.3 - 3 Years Ago
Ep.4 - KILL & MAX (Date Night)
Ep.5 - Trouble
Ep.6 - The Queen
Ep.7 - The Viper
Ep.8 - Shadow
Ep.9 - Power
Ep.10 - Queen B
Ep.11 - Encounter
Ep.12 - Rise (Season Finale)
Season 1 Afterword

Season Two

Last updated on March 25, 2021

Ep.13 - Failure (Season 2 premiere)
Ep.14 - Guardian Force
Ep.15 - Witch Girl and I
Ep.16 - On Duty
Ep.17 - Origin Story
Ep.18 - The Hero
Ep.19 - Special Visitor
Ep.20 - One week
Ep.21 - Bad Boy
Ep.22 - Bad Boy II
Ep.23 - Late


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