Kubera is a featured fantasy webtoon created by currygom; it updates every Monday. A girl named Leez is out on an adventure in order to get revenge on the one who destoryed her village. She meets gods, suras, priests, priestesses, and any more people along the way.


Kubera lives in a small town. One day, when she came back to home, she found out that high-rank Suras wiped out the town. Therefore, she escapes to the city to get Asha's help who is a great wizard.

Characters Edit

Leez HaiasEdit

Quote - "Excuse me, but... do you think I could get that skewered mushroom? I really want to have it... I was just about to buy it... aahhh..." - A Queen and a Bum (3)

- Agni beats her to buying the last skewered mushroom in a stand and Leez is very upset.

Personality - Tries to act like a cheerful person even though her village was destroyed.

Asha RahiroEdit

Physical Description - Asha is a female, although because of her face and figure, she is easily mistaken to be a male. She has short purplish(?)-light blue hair and eyes. She also doesn't show her right arm.

Quote -

Personality - Seems like a calm and confident magician.


Physical Description - A male with who looks like he's thirteen with short black hair, gray eyes, and sharp teeth when he is in his human form.

Quote -

Personality - He is a caring person and he pretends to be something he's not for the people he meets.

Ran SairofeEdit

Physical Description - A male with long gray hair and purple eyes, he appears to be eighteen despite his age.

Quote -

Personality - He seems to be a careless person.


Physical Description - A male with short gray hair and brown eyes during the day. At night, his hair and eyes turn gold. He has both a grown man and kid appearance, he first appears as a kid. 

Quote - 

Personality - He may not be talkative, but he cares for starving animals. 

Brilith RuinEdit

Physical Description - A female with long red hair and eyes, people consider her a beautiful woman. 

Quote - "Atera is safe as long as I'm here. Trust me and have a good night..." - A Queen and a Bum (4)

- Brilith has a conversation with the temple magicians about a sura attack, they agree that Brilith's closed space is perfect and they don't have to worry. 

Personality - Since she is a priestess, she is always smiling in public.


Physical Description - He first appears in the fifth episode of the chapter "A Girl with a God's Name", he has long orange hair with fire around him. In the next episode, he appears to have short orange hair with a hood and spiral glasses.

Quote - "At the store, you were cryinf as if you lost everything you loved. And now you're whimpering. What will get you to stop crying and really smile?" - A Queen and a Bum ()

- Agni notices Leez isn't crying as much and thinks she feels better, Leez says that she wasn't crying and makes up excuses as to why she was shedding tears earlier.

Personality - Some people believe his to be a merciless God who rules the underworld. When he is around Brilith, he is a playful person.


Physical Description - A male with long green hair and a light blue eye, he doesn't appear to have a right eye.

Quote - "I'll let you live since you are funny. Go this way Kupatergent" - A Girl With a God's Name (2)

- Gandharva has a conversation with Kubera and thinks she's funny.

Personality - He has experienced some losses before, so he has mournful thoughts.


Physical Description - A male with long white hair, orange eyes, and feathery ears in his human form.

Quote -

Personality - A calm and logical person.


Physical Description - She is born a female with long blue hair and red eyes. 

Quote - 

Personality - She's mischievous but also determined to sacrifice for her goals. 


Episode List
Last Updated on February 3, 2019

Season 1
Chapter 1 - A Girl with a God's Name: Episodes 1-5
Chapter 2 - The Queen and the Bum: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 3 - The Sorrow of Loss: Episodes 1-9
Chapter 4 - AAA Magician: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 5 -The Golden Knight: Episodes 1-9
Chapter 6 - The Past I Yearn For: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 7 - Half: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 8 - The Wavering Kind: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 9 - Rival: Episodes: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 10 - The Night it Rained Fire: Episodes 1-20
Chapter 11 - The Power of the Name:Episodes 1-5
Chapter 12 - Lies for You:Episodes 1-12
Season 1 End
Season 2
Chapter 13 - Lost: Episodes 1-5
Chapter 14 - Blood/Hide: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 15 - The Weapon of a God: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 16 - Caution - Episodes 1-6
Chapter 17 - Reflection: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 18 - The Test of the Sword: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 19 - Rift: Episodes 1-10
Chapter 20 - Grudge/Enmity: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 21 - Frozen Tears: Episodes 1-13
Chapter 22 - The One Standing Before Me/The One to Stand Before Me: Episodes 1-10
Chapter 23 - The Good/The Line: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 24 - Taboo: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 25 - That Which Cannot Be Grasped or Held/Out of Reach: Episodes 1-5
Chapter 26 - Outsider: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 27 - Last Resort/Last Stand: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 28 - Emergency/Flight: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 29 - Isle of Myths/The Mythical Island: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 30 - Falling Petals: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 31 - Your Justice and Mine: Episodes 1-30
Extra - Punishment
Chapter 32 - Loser: Episodes 1-9
Chapter 33 - Asha: Episodes 1-4
Chapter 34 - What Remains/The Things that Remain: Episodes 1-3
Extra - Season 2 Epilogue
Season 2 End
Season 3
Season 3 Prologue
Chapter 35 - Return: Episodes 1-5
Chapter 36 - Another Beginning/Start, Again: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 37 - Threat: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 38 - Devastation: Episodes 1-6
Chapter 39 - The Value of a Life: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 40 - Twisted Bird: Episodes 1-12
Chapter 41 - Your Seven Years: Episodes 1-7
Chapter 42 - Crossroads: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 43 - The Point of Your Sword: Episodes 1-5
Chapter 44 - The Meaning of Revenge: Episodes 1-8
Chapter 45 - Crime and Punishment: Episodes 1-16
Chapter 46 - Soul: Episodes 1-3

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