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Let's Play is a Romance Webtoon Original created by Mongie; it updates every Tuesday.


She’s young, single, and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out the same evil critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy, and all-too-real story about gaming, memes, and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.


Sam Young

Sam is a young adult gamer whose dream is to become a game developer and market her own games. She is kind and smart, but is also very shy and tends to prefer being alone, she deals with stress and a bit of anxiety. She often prefers working on game design instead of hanging out with her friends. Her accomplishments include a degree in computer science, winning several gaming competitions, and the release of her first game Ruminate. Her appearance has a simple and more natural look, which includes black glasses and short brown hair. She is also fairly skinny in the body but also has her small curves. Although she comes from a rich family, Sam refuses any money from her father. Due to her shy nature, she socializes very little and only opens up around her closest friends, although she has been improving her self esteem with the help of Charles Jones. Although originally her enemy, Marshall Law has also seemed to become a close friend to her. Overall, Sam Young is a very kind and intelligent person who has a tendency to be socially awkward around people and can certainly be deemed a gaming addict. Her full name is Samara Young. Charles calls her Bunty, and Link wants to be just friends.

Marshall Law

Marshall is an avid gamer, an internet icon, and a vlogger on a popular website Viewtube. He is super nice, has a soft spot for animals, and absolutely loves playing games. According to Sam Young, Marshall has over 3 million followers on Viewtube and is deemed the 67th most popular Viewtuber. His videos consist mainly of gameplays, including horror, survival, and indie games. Overall Marshall receives roughly 125,000 new followers every month. One of his biggest fears is disappointing his fans and receiving backlash. He is also a very horrible liar. Sam Young originally considered Marshall to be her enemy, due to the fact that he reviewed her game, Ruminate, without taking the time to properly read the instructions and, although unintentionally, led thousands of people to bomb her game and destroy her presence on an indie site. Sam since made up to him after he posted a Viewtube video regarding his mistake and promising to replay the game (properly reading the instructions, of course).

Marshall has black hair and is known to have very large feet (which he is insecure about). He is also very tall and fit. Overall, Marshall Law is a very nice person to hang around with. He used to practice fencing with his sister, Eva Lawson, but its too compassionate to hurt other people in the sport. So instead, he cheers for her on the sideline. He is also known to suffer from depression. His real name is Benjamin Lawson. Marshall is also in a committed, but the secret to the public, relationship with beauty vlogger Monica McKenzie, aka Glitz Kitten. Recently, it's been announced that Marshall has a heart condition that he's currently recovering from called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (a stress-induced condition that mimics heart attacks).

Charles Jones

Charles is the manager of Sam's father's company. He is Welsh, who had recently moved to America due to work. Oftentimes, he would exclaim in Welsh when surprised or scared, although he discontinued this practice after recognizing how childlike he sounded. He is an amazing fencer but doesn't fence to his full potential when dealing with his opponents. Charles is quite professional in the workplace and typically doesn't express a great deal of emotion, choosing to keep a relaxed and controlled attitude. Charles made an effort to help Sam get out of her comfort zone so as to gauge her assertiveness and train her to become the next CEO for the company. He admits that his practice was wrong but he remains unapologetic about his methods. He encourages her to point out things about herself that she loves and has her stand tall and in a "power stance" to help her with her insecurities. Charles has platinum blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. It was also revealed that Charles was married and that his now ex-wife had had an extramarital affair. He has not indulged in serious relationships since then, even going to the point of cutting off physical relations with Eva Lawson due to her "getting attached". However, he has taken to calling Sam "Bunty" as a term of affection and is beginning to display signs of romantic attraction.

Link Hudson

Link is a part-time barista at The Daily Grind, a local coffee shop, as well as a paramedic. He was the first on call when Marshall had his medical emergency and displayed excellent skills when caring for him on the scene. He is a good brother, an avid rock climber, and a shoulder to cry on. He has always been a close friend to Sam since they met in the hospital many years prior. Sam went on a 'date' with Link once, but then was unsure how he thought of her. It was suggested that Link possibly had feelings for Sam, but later he realizes "he loves her but is not 'in love' with her". His feelings were more based on fear of them growing apart, and he wanted to find more in their friendship so they could remain close.


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Last updated on July 26, 2021
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