Live with Yourself! is a comedy-esque comic created by Shen, the creator of Bluechair. In this webtoon, a freak accident with an explosive time-space computer leaves the main character, Todd, in a situation. He's stuck with 3 different versions of himself, Tomo (short for tomorrow; recent future ver), Oldie (the far-future version of himself), and Babs (his child/distant past ver). It is speculated by fans that his original name, Todd, is short for today.

Controversy Edit

On July 3, 2018, Shen returned to Bluechair but still hadn't updated Live with Yourself after his several-month hiatus. Many fans were getting anxious and began to attack Shen for not updating LWYS. This continued until January 26, 2019.

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An explosive time-space accident leaves happy-go-lucky 20-something Todd living with himself, himself, and himself. You get to watch the struggle.

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Main Characters Edit

Todd Edit


Physical Desc: White hair, black eyes. Green hoodie.

Personality: Happy go-lucky. Works for Mr. Fixit's computer repair, which repairs but puts more viruses inside a computer. This computer repair caused the freak accident.

Quote: "Buddy, is this one of those youtube pranks? Cuz this is gonna make the worst video. 10 views. 12 dislikes."

Tomo Edit


Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has spikier hair and stubble on his face. Wears a blue hoodie.

Personality: Unlike original Todd, Tomo is gloomy and grumpy. He doesn't work, and spend most of his time playing mobile video games.

Quote: "You've never owned a gun in your entire life."

Oldie Edit


Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has stripey hair

. Wears a yellow and red turndown collar shirt.

Personality: Oldie looks happy and wise, but very often lies to younger Todds. He smokes cigars and listen to modern gangsta rap.

Quote: "Only you have the power to lift us all higher."

Babs Edit


Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has no hair. Wears a pink baby blanket.

Personality: Quiet child, he never screams or cry out loud. Due to his age unable to walk or speak. Babs has a power to age things and destroy them

Quote: n/a

Secondary Characters Edit

"Professor" Fixit Edit

'Physical Desc: Probably bald headed, wears a yellow cap & shirt.

Personality: Strict, want things to be done in a certain way.

Quote: "You're setting a bad example."

Single-Appearance Characters Edit

Unnamed Girl Edit

'Physical Desc: Wavy white hair, wears a pink hoodie.

Personality: Acts cute, yet sneaky.

Quote: "Sold! For 500."

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on February 4, 2019

Ep. 1 - Dynamite with a Lazer Beam
Ep. 2 - Is This The Real Life?
Ep. 3 - Nothing Really Matters
Ep. 4 - Somebody, Somebody
Ep. 5 - Can't Get No Relief
Ep. 6 - Can Barely Stand on My Feet
Interlude: With Fanarts!
Ep. 7 - I Need No Sympathy
Ep. 8 - Keep Losing My Beat
Ep. 9 - Recommended at the Price
Ep. 10 - A Built-In Remedy
Ep. 11 - Can Barely Stand on my Feet
Interlude 2
Ep. 12 - Ain't Gonna Face No Defeat
Ep. 13 - Fridays I go Painting in the Louvre
Ep. 14 - Little High, Little Low
Ep. 15 - Caught in a Landslide
Ep. 16 - You're my sunshine
Ep. 17 - Lazing on a Sunday
Ep. 18 - Life Had Just Begun
Ep. 19 - Tomorrow Gets Me Higher
Ep. 20 - Want To Try?
Interlude - Tommorow
Ep. 21 - Just a Poor Boy
Ep. 22 - Drive You Wild
Ep. 23 - I Sometimes Wish I'd
Ep. 24 - Come Together
Ep. 25 - For You Blue
Ep. 26 - We Can Work It Out
Ep. 27 - Let it Be
Ep. 28 - Yesterday
Ep. 29 - Killer Queen
Ep. 30 - Big Disgrace
Ep. 31 - Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind
Ep. 33 - Anytime
Ep. 32 - Here we Are
Ep. 34 - Blood on your Face
Ep. 35 - Big Disgrace
Ep. 36 - It's a Hard Life
Ep. 37 - A Kind of Magic
Ep. 39 - Hold It Down
Ep. 40 - Sunshine in a Bag
Ep. 41 -
Ep. 42 - New Horizon

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