Lookism is a featured webtoon created by Taejoon Park; It updates every Sunday. The original webtoon is in Korean.

It centrals around many thematic topics such as animal abuse, stalking, and society's views towards overweight people.

Synopsis Edit

It involves a boy named Daniel Park who has a miracle happen to him overnight.

A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy.

Characters Edit

Daniel Park Edit

Daniel Park is the main protagonist of Lookism. He goes to school at Jae Won Highschool in the Fashion Department and has the ability to transfer his awareness into two different bodies. He is in possession of two bodies, one "ugly" one, and one "handsome" one.

Daniel Park lived with his mother in poverty for a long time. His original body was unattractive, and because he was poor and unattractive, he was constantly bullied at school. Because of this, he decides to accept his mother's offer to transfer schools.

Before he transferred schools, a video of him being beaten up by a character named Zack Lee went viral online, and he cried himself to sleep, only to wake up in another body the next day.

Daniel Park is a character to tries to avoid conflict as much as possible but will do anything for his friends, even if it puts himself in a dangerous position. Also, when he used to get bullied, he would take his frustration out on his mom. As the story progresses, Daniel sees how much his mother sacrificed and endured for his sake, he feels guilt and remorse for his actions.

Jay Hong Edit

Jay Hong is Daniel Park's classmate in the fashion department.

Jay is a quiet, mysterious character who seems to like to tend for himself, however, he is very caring towards Daniel and does many things to try and keep him happy, and safe from harm, like giving him designer brand clothing, and beating up people who were planning to harm Daniel. There are hints that Jay may have feelings for Daniel, but it is not confirmed by the webtoon or the author.

Jay Hong is very wealthy. He is the second son of the H Group Clongmerate. His brother, Hong Kitae, is the heir to the company.

Jay Hong also has a sister, named Joy Hong. She is seen modeling in one of the chapters. His parents have still not made an appearance.

Lee Eun Tae (Vasco) Edit

Vasco is another main character in this webtoon. He attends the same school as Daniel Park but goes to the Architecture Department in the school.

He is the leader of a gang called Burn Knuckles. Opposing to its name, their main goal is to defend the weak. The gang consists of ...

Vasco is a very caring character. Despite is broad, almost scary appearance, he is almost like a child.

Vasco is childhood friends with Jace. Because Vasco was bullied a lot in the past, and since then, he worked out every day just to get stronger to defend the weak. He began to develop the bias that handsome people were bad because he saw that they abused their popularity in order to bully others.

Crystal Choi Edit

Crystal was born in a rich family and like Daniel, has two bodies in secret. She uses one body for school and the other for outside of school purposes.

She believes that all males are the same, and that they only judge the appearance of one another, but finds something interesting with Daniel. After their run-ins with one another, Crystal suspects that Daniel might have two bodies as well.

Zack Lee Edit

Zack is one of the main characters that we see. He is an expert at boxing and likes to fight often. Zack views Daniel as a friend and foe at the same time, since he always wants to rematch him after losing to him once.

When Zack and Daniel fight together, they work pretty well together.

Logan Lee Edit

Bullied Daniel at his old middle school when he only had his "ugly" body. later in the story transferred to Daniel's new high school but doesn't recognize him in his new body.

An all-around rude and tough guy who is shown to easily be on similar levels to Daniel when it comes to fighting. The one soft spot that's been shown is his crush on Zoe Park. While stalking Zoe he sees her hanging out with Daniel (in his 'ugly' body) and finds out he is no longer the same guy he knew.

Mira Kim Edit

Eli Jang Edit

Zoe Park Edit

Zoe park is one of the main character and is also Daniel's classmate/friend that likes both Daniels, however she protects Daniel no matter what, even if it is dating Logan lee. She is caring for her friends as well. Her family is happy but not very wealthy.

Johan Edit

Jace Park Edit

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