Mongie is the author of Let's Play, a featured webtoon on LINE Webtoon. She has been acclaimed for touching mental illnesses in her work that tend to explain character interactions.

Profile Edit

Mongie is an illustrator, concept artist, former code-monkey, part-time Amazonian princess, level 14 elven-mage, recovering MMO addict, retired tuba player, and a short-order cook to her cats.
— Mongie
Mongrel Marie, also known as Mongie, is an artist. She has read and studied manga for 18 years and is now a comic creator living in Kansas City.

Mongie is known mostly for creating Let's Play, though she's also done the banner for the Youtube page of a well-known youtuber, Markiplier.

Webtoons Edit

Let's play
Title Let's Play
Creator Mongie
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