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Moonrose Academy is a Supernatural and Drama Canvas Webtoon created by samhaines.


After the unexplained deaths of five of its students, a private academy on the southern side of Estrel starts to rebuild its legacy. Little does anyone know of its inner workings; save for a select few. Updates monthly!


Experiment 001: Bartosz Cambelle

A blue boy with bandages over his eyes and cheek. Often referred to as "Barry" or "Bart". Can make his body glow at will, and stutters consistently.

Experiment 002: Kyubi

An extraordinarily short girl who often wears a yellow cloak with pointy ears on the hood. She can shapeshift into a shadowy, cat like figure with giant claws.

Experiment 003: Umi Singh

A shy girl who wears an eyepatch, a padlock as a necklace and an unstrapped straight dress. Hydrokinetic, stutters a little less than Barry.

Experiment 004: Taiyou Lin

A heterochronic young man with a scar over his left eye, wearing a purple and red mask. Can cause visual illusions and hallucinations, often characterized by blood dripping from his eyes.

Experiment 005: Drevion Adler

A lanky teenager with a goatee wearing a grey sleeveless hoodie and crimson boots. Pyrokinetic and telepathic, often characterized by his eyes turning black.

Miss Lithana Fable

The principal of Moonrose Academy. Very sympathetic, especially towards her reincarnated students.

Miss Rochelle Komiki

Vice Principal, often viewed as the 'bad cop' of the school.


The school science aide responsible for the deaths, and subsequent reincarnations of the Experiments. They tend not to have a filter, and are highly brilliant. Not to say they put it to good use, however.

Tetsuo Arashi

President of the Debate Club, also secretly leading the investigation about the Experiments.

Tuho Nanako

Tetsuo's best friend since childhood, often considered the most responsible of the group.

Sumiko Jenkins

A close friend of Tuho, who insists she is only helping Tetsuo's cause to see him lose another screw from his head.

Paris Wilson

Head of the school news blog, known for spreading misinformation about several different incidents over the past few years. After hearing about the investigation, she decides to invite herself, against the wishes of both Tuho and Sumi due to her track record.


Last updated on June 13, 2021
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