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Muted is a Supernatural Webtoon Original by Miranda Mundt; it updates every Friday.


On the full moon of her 21st year, the young witch, Camille Severin, is expected to perform the traditional ritual to summon forth a winged demon for her families success and prosperity. But when the ritual goes wrong, it reveals the terrifying truths about herself and the secrets that threaten to tear her family apart.


Camille Severin

"I'm just so tired of being wrong..." - Camille Severin

The only living daughter of the late Abrielle Severin and Kalen Leroux, Camille Severin is haunted by a fire that caused her family to fall apart leaving scars on her; Both physical, and emotional. Camille ends up living in her family's manor with Silvia Severin, and later Nyra Dupre and Dendrodium. She is also later reunited with her familiar, Toben, after not seeing each other for years. While catching a break, a new problem arises, leading Camille to have to deal with a demon hunting her, powers she never knew she had before, the secret about her heritage, and newfound feelings for her two companions. While there, old wounds are reopened, but there's a chance of them finally healing.

Avaline Severin

Fun, fabulous, and charismatic: Avaline Severin is the only living daughter of Athalie Severin. As a socialite, Avaline is a lot more confident than Camille -- From, what she shows. However, it is quite the opposite. Being the only family member in the Severin family without a twin (Her twin was stillborn), Avaline often feels alone.

Athalie Severin

She is the aunt of Camille Severin and the twin of Camille's deceased mother, Abrielle. Athalie is obsessed with maintaining the family values and traditions but is abusive towards Camille and Avaline in order to maintain them. She shows visible hatred and anger towards her twin sister, Abrielle Severin, for not following the traditions of her family.

Silvia Severin

She is the caretaker of the Severin mansion in the swampland and second cousin to Camille and Avaline Severin. Her familiar is a crow named Soot, who keeps an eye on Camille because Silvia worries about her.

Lilinyra 'Nyra' Dupre

She is the Dupre Matriarch's second in command, maintaining trade routes between witch families. She develops a crush on Camille.

Diana Eloi

Once a member of the Eloi family, she was possessed by a demon contracted to hunt Camille.

Dendrobium 'Dendro'

She is a flower demon summoned by Camille in the Severin greenhouse. Cheerful and upbeat, she helps Camille cope with her trauma and practice her Leroux magic. She also develops a crush on Camille.

Chloe Severin

Chloe Severin is the deceased twin sister of Camille Severin.

Abrielle Severin

Abrielle was the former matriarch of the Severin family and the deceased mother of Camille and Chole Severin.


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