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PENGUINS: DEFENDERS OF ANTARCTICA! is an Action and Sci-fi Canvas Webtoon created by Shonen Bag and 少年バッグ; it is currently on an indefinite hiatus.


In the 2300s, the land of Antarctica has become a battleground for several animal tribes - each one seeks to find a magic Beacon. When the Beacon is lit, it will allow the tribe that lit it to inherit all the treasures of the human species, but the world will end as a result! Knowing this, the Penguin Agents decide to destroy the Beacon instead and save the world in this action-packed super-fun adventure!


Yukimura Yo

Yukimura Yo is the wise leader of his squad and the creator of the Penguin Agents Family Program, which takes entire families and allows them to live together in the Penguin Agency Headquarters while expecting them to go on missions together. He always knows what to say and can be relied upon with his wisdom and experience. However, he never seems to get blamed for anything or make any mistakes. Could it be extraordinary luck, or is it something more sinister, like a lack of responsibility? Indeed, Yo has a tendency to shift blame to others and not own up to his actions. Worse yet, his marriage with Yukimura Chou doesn't seem to be the happiest either - it is important to note also that management has been looking for excuses to fire him for his lack of responsibility too!

Yukimura Gou

Also known as the "Flippers of Fury", Yukimura Gou is always hotheaded and ready for a fight. Perhaps it is due to him being the middle child. When he was younger, he even got into an accident that cost him his eye! Gou can be relied upon to always be thinking the right thing, but that doesn't always lead to him doing the right thing. He's constantly failing at his education because of his brashness and lack of foresight. Due to this, he tends to end up the first to rush into battle and the last to leave and cannot be relied upon to do stealth missions. However, this reckless attitude cannot hide his fun-loving side. Gou is always willing to tell a joke or pull a prank if it means brightening up somebody's day. HIs fun-loving and easygoing attitude has made him a favourite amongst his peers at the Penguin Agent Academy, although that won't save his plummeting grades...

Yukimura Jo

When you wish to be told the truth, you go to Yukimura Jo. This sarcastic but earnest Penguin Agent will always give you her opinion point blank. This has led to her forming a rivalry with several other agents - most notably Shiroyama Shiro, whom she seems to intensely dislike. In her spare time, Jo can be found training her body or studying up on useful information, for she believes that to tell the truth you must be informed for every situation. While she may look like she has a gruff exterior, Jo is actually very willing to help others. If an agent is in need of assistance, while Jo will not hesitate to point out their problems, she will always lend a helping hand!

Yukimura Mou

The youngest of the Yukimura children, Mou is stoic and extremely intelligent. You can always call upon him to know the most obscure facts. His planning and analytics are also above average for his age, but it is important to remember that he is still a child - hence why he was approved to use the experimental Egg Armour, a giant circular ball of four interlocking armour plates providing Mou with optimal protection. It may seem that Mou is the model agent - he studies hard and trains harder - but sadly, he has come to rely on the training manuals too much. When faced with an odd or unexpected situation, he tends to break down, unable to form plans on the fly.

Shiroyama Shiro

Although two years older than Yukimura Jo, Shiroyama Shiro is registered in the regular Penguin Agent training program. Because her family isn't in the Penguin Agency, she doesn't quality for the Agent Family Program. Shiro has an interesting hobby: Net Running, which is the art of hacking. However, she lacks training in the fundamentals of Net Running and isn't very good at it. Even worse, her physical strength is at an incredible low, and she often struggles with an inferiority complex.  She doesn't feel good enough to be a Penguin Agent, and that often puts her into competition with people like Jo, who see her as weak. In truth, Shiro is very close to expulsion from the program and even though she has a heart of gold and would do anything to improve herself, often training and studying for upwards of 20 hours a day, management has judged that she is still not of a suitable level in both physicality and mentality. As a result, Shiro is not expected to pass the Penguin Agent final exam which will allow her to become a Penguin Agent.

Count Ernestio Von Bleakbeak III

Count Bleakbeak is a dangerous and cruel enemy of the Penguin Agents. The son of Comrade Bleakbeak II and father of the now-missing Comrade Bleakbeak IV, his full name is Ernestio Von Bleakbeak III. His grandfather, Ernestio Bleakbeak I accomplished many feats of strength in the Eagle territories and brought stability and strength to their people. Now, Count Bleakbeak has dubbed himself a "count" and is trying to carry on his grandfather's legacy by leading the Grand Army of the Eagle Tribe. Once, long ago, his battles led him into having a direct conflict with Yukimura Yo. The resulting battle left him without a left wing and resulted in having his heart surgically re-attached to the side of his head. This new assembly gives his brain a startlingly large capacity to outthink his enemies. Ever since his defeat, he has harboured an intense grudge against the Yukimura family, vowing to personally destroy each member. Count Bleakbeak is extremely dangerous due not only to his enhanced mind, but also his bizarre fighting styles. Reports reveal that the count is able to fight with a mere walking sick, moving so fast with movements so precise that enemies can only make out a brief flash of light before they found that the count has hit them with his cane thirty or forty times in a single second. Worse, he is guarded by loyal Eagles at all times, so you will never be able to see Count Bleakbeak... unless he wants to see you, and if that happens, it's already too late.

Eguchi Shu

Strangely enough, management has dug up nothing on Eguchi Shu's background. Nobody knows where he comes from - only that he's in the Agency now and he's really, really good at his job. As part of the intelligence devision, he is tasked with gathering information about the Eagles and their tactics. His purity and passion for his work shines through above all else and gives him an informed perspective about life. Shu can always be relied upon to do and say the right thing and is strictly opposed to working with shady sources of information. His honesty rings true in most situations as he is always willing to comfort others and say the right thing. However, when he closes his beak and says nothing, you know that things have gone thoroughly wrong.

Yukimura Chou

Wanting the best for her children, Yukimura Chou is firmly opposed to the Agent Family Program because it puts her kids in danger. The type to say she doesn’t like you only to blush and bake you cupcakes, she and Yo used to be quite in love. However, time seems to have done them in as she grows more and more concerned about her kids!

Eagle Soldiers

The Eagle soldiers are intensely loyal to their cause. They do not care about individual merits, only their numbers. They do not care about creativity, only route memorization. That being said, the natural talent of flight they possess gives them an extreme advantage. Their gear is also tougher than the Penguins and they are part of a conscripted army, meaning many of them have no choice but to participate in the Beacon War. This has caused many Agents to have reservations about destroying them, so capturing an Eagle is a preferable option.


Last updated on December 6, 2020
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