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Philia Rosé: The Prophecy of the Crown of Thorns is a Fantasy Webtoon adapted by YUMI and art by Ryuta and original work by kim youngji; it updates every Tuesday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.

The Webtoon is based on a web novel by the same name created by kim youngji and illustrated by INHYE.


A hot-headed young nun must stop an uprising by a murderous prince prophesied to bring about the destruction of their kingdom. But there’s more to this nun than meets the eye. Philia is a young woman hiding in a child’s body -- but with the power to read minds and see visions. Meanwhile, Prince Leo of Elaion is raising a formidable army to take over his father’s throne. Can Philia convince him to give up his blood-thirsty ambitions and stave off the demise of the Kingdom of Elaion?




Last updated on May 9, 2022
  • Ep.1 - The Angel and the Plunderer (1)
  • Ep.2 - The Angel and the Plunderer (2)
  • Ep.3 - The Prophecy of Destruction (1)
  • Ep.4 - The Prophecy of Destruction (2)
  • Ep.5 - The Prophecy of Destruction (3)
  • Ep.6 - The Prophecy of Destruction (4)
  • Ep.7 - Devourer of Thorns (1)
  • Ep.8 - Devourer of Thorns (2)
  • Ep.9 - Devourer of Thorns (3)
  • Ep.10 - The Hated Nun (1)
  • Ep.11 - The Hated Nun (2)
  • Ep.12 - The Hated Nun (3)
  • Ep.13 - The Hated Nun (4) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.14 - The Hated Nun (5) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.15 - Raspberries (1) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.16 - Raspberries (2) (Fast Pass)
  • Ep.17 - Raspberries (3) (Fast Pass)


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