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On a night of two recent murders, Lauren Sinclair, a police officer capable of sensing lies, encounters the infamous assassin known as 'The Purple Hyacinth'. Upon learning of their shared goal, The Purple Hyacinth makes a deal with Lauren. Consequently, the two begin to work together in secret, striving to overthrow the organisation that has haunted their lives.


Her ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer of the law - despite being haunted by her inability to save the ones she loved from a gruesome fate many years ago. Now, she uses her powerful gift to defend the defenseless at any cost - even if it means teaming up with a deadly assassin to fight evil in a world gone mad.



Lauren SinclairEdit

The protagonist of Purple Hyacinth. A lie-detecting police officer who seeks to avenge the deaths of her childhood friend and parents by finding and destroying the leader of the Phantom Scythe; a criminal organisation that has plagued the city of Ardhalis for 10 years. Upon discovering that she shares a goal with "The Purple Hyacinth," Ardhalis’ most infamous assassin, she agrees to team up with him to achieve it.

Kieran White/The Purple HyacinthEdit

A mysterious Phantom Scythe assassin, commonly known as "The Purple Hyacinth," whose brutal murders have sparked widespread fear in the citizens of Ardhalis for years and have consequently made him the city’s most wanted criminal. He signs each of his killings with a purple hyacinth flower, hence his name, that is often viewed as a threat to the royal family. An encounter with police officer Lauren Sinclair after his most recent murders proves to be useful, for he too wishes to eradicate the leader. As a result, he offers her a deal to improve their chances of meeting this objective, which she accepts.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Kym Ladell: A fun-loving, energetic police sergeant who is good friends with Lauren Sinclair and William Hawkes. She possesses a pocket watch that does not actually tell the current time, but is instead set to a very specific time unaware to most people. Kym was also affected by the same tragedy that killed Lauren’s childhood friend and parents, but she frequently disguises any signs of trauma with a playful attitude and sarcastic responses.
  • William Hawkes: A diligent, respectful police lieutenant who is good friends with Lauren Sinclair and Kym Ladell. He has been friends with Lauren since they were children, with both of them wanting to become cops in the future. William has a sick mother and any mention of her usually provokes a slight sense of uneasiness in him, but he is quick to brush it off and continue with his tasks, similar to Kym.
  • Oliver March: {To be added}
  • Captain Hermann: A strict, demanding officer in command who often gets jealous or constantly loses his temper. He seems to ask more from Lauren and always suspects her for doing something wrong.
  • Lila Desroses: A charming, sweet, polite secretary who works in the APD office of the 11th precinct. Lila often greets Lauren when she comes into the office and seems to have a close relationship with Lukas Randall.
  • Lukas Randall: A short-tempered officer who always gets angry at everyone for no specific reason. The only person he shows little affection to is Lila.
  • Tristan Sinclair: Uncle to Lauren Sinclair, he agreed to take her in after her parents allegedly passed away in an assasination. Tristan Sinclair is also the chief of police as stated in episode nine. According to Lauren Sinclair, he is a kind and nonchalant person who has always treated Lauren like his own daughter. He has adequate leadership skills and will not hesitate to take charge in messy situations.
  • Harvey Wood: {To be added}
  • Belladona Davenport: {To be added}


Episode List
Last Updated on September 25, 2020

Ep. 0 - Prologue ♫
Ep. 1 - Lovely Lady ♫
Ep. 2 - Somber Silhouette ♫
Ep. 3 - Elusive Encounter ♫
Ep. 4 - Merciless Murderer ♫
Ep. 5 - Rogue Rebel
Ep. 6 - Troubling Truth ♫
Ep. 7 - Burning Burden ♫
Ep. 8 - Challenging Choice ♫
Ep. 9 - Unexpected Uprising ♫
Ep. 10 - Dreadful Deal ♫
Ep. 11 - Hidden Home
Ep. 12 - Perilous Plan
Ep. 13 - Exposing Envelope
Ep. 14 - La Lune
Ep. 15 - Illicit Interrogation ♫
Ep. 16 - Persuasive Psychic ♫
Ep. 17 - New Nemesis
Ep. 18 - Lunatic Lovers ♫
Ep. 19 - Laconic Las
Ep. 20 - Dancing Devil ♫
Ep. 21 - Tricky Teamwork ♫
Ep. 22 - Disruptive Discovery ♫
Ep. 23 - Aftermath Anger ♫
Ep. 24 - Deceitful Dream ♫
Ep. 25 - Faithful Friend ♫
Ep 26 - Thorny Truce
Ep. 27 - Perplexing Paradox
Ep. 28 - Prying Partner ♫
Ep. 29 - Deft Duo
Ep. 30 - Sanguinary Snake ♫
Ep. 31 - Sordid Surprise ♫
Ep. 32 - Lonely Lullaby ♫
Ep. 33 - Mad Maid
Ep. 34 - Baneful Belladonna
Ep. 35 - Free Fall
Ep. 36 - Impeached Innocence ♫
Ep. 37 - Nettlesome Nurse ♫
Ep. 38 - Humble Human ♫
Ep. 39 - Bitter Burial ♫
Ep. 40 - Blood Bath ♫
Ep. 41 - Royal Retaliation ♫
Ep. 42 - Simmering Storm ♫
Ep. 43 - Murderous Monster ♫
Ep. 44 - Culpable Confession ♫
Ep. 45 - Misdirected Mission ♫
Ep. 46 - Skeptical Spies
Ep. 47 - Foul Foe
Ep. 48 - Memorable Mistake ♫
Ep. 49 - Cruel Curse (Season 1 Finale) ♫
Season 1 Recap ♫
(S2) Ep. 50 - Warm Welcome (Season 2 Premiere) ♫
(S2) Ep. 51 - Conspicuous Circus ♫
(S2) Ep. 52 - Inevitable Issue
(S2) Ep. 53 - Sagace Soleil
(S2) Ep. 54 - Restless Reminiscing ♫
(S2) Ep. 55 - Carmine Camellia
(S2) Ep. 56 - Poor Peacock
(S2) Ep. 57 - Inconvenient Interference ♫
(S2) Ep. 58 - Foredoomed Future
(S2) Ep. 59 - Painful Proximity ♫
(S2) Ep. 60 - Obstructive Oath
(S2) Ep. 61 - Temerarious Trespass (Fast Pass)
(S2) Ep. 62 - Ad lib Alibi ♫ (Fast Pass)
(S2) Ep. 63 - Peaceful Promenade ♫ (Fast Pass)
(S2) Ep. 64 - Distant Daydreams ♫ (Fast Pass)


Official Trailer Purple Hyacinth

Official Trailer Purple Hyacinth

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