SHELTER is a Discover Drama | Supernatural webtoon series created by wufargia.

The story follows a boy named Ruka, who is trapped in an abusive household. He uses a virtual reality game called "VAHANA" to meet with his best friend and as a temporary escape from his situation. However, during his first log-in attempt, he encounters a masked spirit, called a Noh, that preys on "fractured souls."


Behind closed doors, Ruka's life is an unforgiving hell with his cruel, abusive uncle. With no way out, his closest friend offers an immersive virtual reality world as an escape and reprieve from the daily torture. Will VR prove to be a new safe haven? . . . or just another hell?

[Drama/Supernatural/Psychological/Mystery] - Disclaimer: Includes sensitive topics such as various forms of abuse that may be upsetting to some readers. Discretion is highly advised.


Ruka Espoir - The main protagonist. Ruka grew up in the suburban slums with his mother before they moved into Brock’s home after his father went missing. He is severely abused physically, emotionally, and sexually by his uncle, who also makes him work without wage at the diner. Ruka is a high school drop-out and is afraid of leaving and/or disobeying his uncle out of fear of what he might do to his mother. His negative emotions attracts the Noh to his humanity, but his kind and selfless nature generally stops him from immoral acts. His nickname is “stubborn kitten.”

Appearance: Male with a slender build and a back filled with scars from his abuse. He has pale, blonde hair with blue eyes that turn yellow when possessed by Umbra. His VAHANA avatar is an unidentified animal with fox-like ears, black horns, and a long, flowing tail. He wears a simple white robe over a black robe and black trousers. His legs are covered with bandages. He wears half palm black gloves and black shoes.

Occupation: Waiter at Brock’s Diner

Ability: Ruka has been shown to be able to summon Umbra to attack his pursuers. After accepting a contract with Umbra, he uses sharp thorns but also exhibits healing powers.

Pomona (Pom) Shiyuan - Ruka's best friend and confidante who gifts him VAHANA. She grew close to Ruka during their high school years after he stopped her boyfriend, Jay, from sexually assaulting her. Pom continues to keep in touch with Ruka after moving to the city for college. She tries to be supportive of her friend despite promising to never disclose his abuse. Her nickname is “stealthy walrus.”

Appearance: Female with light brown, medium-length hair and short bangs. She has gray-brown eyes. Her VAHANA avatar is a chicken with wings in place of her ears and a hen’s tail feathers. She wears an orange blouse and teal pants. She wears white slip-ons.

Occupation: College student studying criminal justice

Ability: Temporary flight

Umbra - A Noh that appears before Ruka after he completes his VAHANA quiz. Umbra forms a contract with Ruka - offering the ability to use supernatural abilities in exchange for Ruka's humanity. Umbra wears a white hannya mask and a black cloak. He has glowing, yellow eyes and has large, clawed hands.

Brock Rashn - Ruka’s uncle and stepfather who owns a diner in the suburbs. He comes from a family of prosecutors and enjoys enacting punishment. He’s been shown to be likable in the public’s eye, but cruel and abusive towards his nephew/stepson and Amelie. He threatens to hurt Amelie in order to control Ruka and make him stay and has been shown to condition Ruka to associate his abuse with a bell (Pavlov's classical conditioning). He is actually a nosuko (exorcist) with a Noh named Atrox.

Amelie Espoir - Ruka’s mother

Adlai Rashn - Brock's brother and Amelie's ex-husband. He followed in his parent’s footsteps and became a prosecutor. Adlai worked with Scarlet on the missing children’s case, but went missing and was pronounced dead.

Jayden (Jay) Conlan - Pom's ex-boyfriend who was also the class president when they were in high school.

Scarlet Conlan - Jayden's mother who is an investigator working on the missing children’s case.

Marlena (Marly) Conlan - Scarlet's sister who works as a waitress at Brock's Diner

Kiran - Jayden and Pom's friend. His VAHANA avatar is a panther.

Camilla - A member of the Nest Jackers. Her VAHANA avatar is a chameleon with the ability to camouflage. She joined the virtual gang to find her missing sister.

Dick/Dan - A member of the Nest Jackers. His VAHANA avatar is a coyote with the ability to appear more approachable.


Episode List
Last Updated on August 15, 2019

EP1 - An Extra Hand [1]
EP2 - An Extra Hand [2]
EP3 - Smoke & Mirrors [1]
EP4 - Smoke & Mirrors [2]
EP5 - Confidante [1]
EP6 - Confidante [2]
EP8 - Friend or Foe? [1]
EP9 - Discomfort & Rebellion
EP10 - Cheers to Friendship
EP11 - NOTICE 01
EP13 - Red Zone [1]
EP14 - Red Zone [2]
EP15 - Flight or Flight [1]
EP16 - Fight or Flight [2]
EP17 - Liberating Hate
EP18 - Things with Feathers
EP19 - With You [1]
EP20 - With You [2]
EP21 - The Past, The Future [1]
EP22 - The Past, The Future [2]
EP23 - Spring Heat [1]
EP24 - Spring Heat [2]
EP25 - Unexpected Visitors [1]
EP26 - Unexpected Visitors [2]
EP27 - Counseil De Deux [1]
EP28 - Counseil De Deux [2]
EP29 - Nobody Here is Fine [1]
EP30 - Nobody Here is Fine [2]
EP31 - Truth & Rumors [1]
EP32 - Truth & Rumors [2]
EP33 - Truth & Rumors [3]
EP34 - Your Genuine Words
EP35 - Bad News
EP36 - Partners in Crime [1]
EP37 - Canvas Halloween Collab
EP38 - Partners in Crime [2]
EP39 - Partners in Crime [3]
EP40 - Partners in Crime [4]
EP41 - Partners in Crime [5]
EP42 - Partners in Crime [6]
EP43 - Broken Silence [1]
EP44 - Broken Silence [2]
EP45 - The Noh [1]
EP46 - The Noh [2]
EP47 - The Noh [3]
EP48 - I'm Here [1]
EP49 - I'm Here [2]
EP50 - Q&A [1]
EP51 - A Different Genius [1]
EP52 - A Different Genius [2]
EP53 - Down to Hell [1]
EP54 - Down to Hell [2]
EP55 - Her Resolve [1]
EP56 - Her Resolve [2]
EP57 - Everything is Fine [1]
EP58 - Everything is Fine [2]
EP59 - Reasons to Fight [1]
EP60 - Reasons to Fight [2]
EP61 - A Mother's Choice [1]
EP62 - A Mother's Choice [2]
EP63 - A Mother's Choice [3]
EP64 - The Weight of Emptiness [1]
EP65 - The Weight of Emptiness [2]
EP66 - Dissonance [1]
EP67 - Dissonance [2]
EP68 - Dissonance [3]
EP69 - The Lost God [1]
EP70 - The Lost God [2]
EP71 - The Lost God [3]
EP72 - The Exorcist [1]
EP73 - The Exorcist [2]
EP74 - The Metamorphosis [1]
EP75 - The Metamorphosis [2]
EP76 - The Metamorphosis [3]
EP77 - Lonely Together [1] + Summer Rain Collab
EP78 - Lonely Together [2]
EP79 - For You, Anything
EP80 - Heroes, Damsels, & Villains [1]
EP81 - Heroes, Damsels, & Villains [2]
EP82 - Heroes, Damsels, & Villains [3]




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