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I write and I draw! ^^ I can go from extreme fluff to some serious depressing sh*t >.< my head works in mysterious ways lol

Sakurada Yana is the creator of five discover webtoons – Living With My Foreign BF, My Weird Roommate, These Scars We Hide, Where's My BL Story, and Who's My BL Prince. She is known for creating BL comics. Living With My Foreign BF is an autobiographical comic.

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Living with my foreign bf
Title Living With My Foreign BF
Creator Sakurada Yana
My weird roommate
Title My Weird Roommate
Creator Sakurada Yana
These scars we hide
Title These Scars We Hide
Creator Sakurada Yana
Where&#039;s my bl story
Title Where's My BL Story
Creator Sakurada Yana
Who&#039;s my bl prince
Title Who's My BL Prince
Creator Sakurada Yana

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