"Stalker Next Door" is a romantic and comedic webtoon by Hzlnut. While well received, the webtoon only has 4 episodes. It is also on a hiatus. According to the author, the reason the webtoon is on hiatus is because they wanted to revamp the webtoon.

Synopsis Edit

Sophia Lee, a girl whose life is almost perfect, except for one tiny thing...

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Sophia Lee Edit

Physical Appearance: Pink mid-length hair, blue eyes.

Personality: A bit awkward. Taking fashion design as a major in college.

Quote: "I'm allergic to guys!"

Crystal Collins Edit

Physical Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes

Personality: Unknown, only shown for 1 ep

Quote: "Hey, long time no see!"

Kyle Cohen Edit

Physical Appearance: Blonde hair, pink at tips. Brown eyes.

Personality: Unknown, only shown for 1 ep.

Quote: "Cos they're jelly of mah beauty!"

Secondary Characters Edit

"Stalker" Edit

Physical Appearance: Orange hair, green eyes

Personality: Unknown

Quote: "I know everything about you..."

Single Appearance Characters Edit

Unnamed Boy Edit

Physical Appearance: Orange hair, teal eyes.

Personality: Very Forward.

Quote: "I'll never fall in love again T-T"

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on March 15, 2018

01: Fashion
02: Number

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