SubZero is a featured fantasy | Romance webtoon by Junepurrr about a world where the Azure and Crimson royalty are able to shift into dragons. The last Azure Dragon, crown princess Clove, and a Crimson Dragon, crown prince Kyro, both from two warring kingdoms are married to form an alliance, unite their countries and end their war. Updates every Monday.


What would you sacrifice to save your family? How far would you go to protect your people? For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to your land.

Background on Dragons Edit

The ancient dragons had a disagreement which caused a war between the Azure and Crimson clans who fought in their honor. Knowing the war would outlive them they attached their spirits to the royal bloodline allowing them to shift in their divine form. But Clove the last cerulean dragon is not able to shift so this poses the question if the bloodline is over, and how she must hide her secret so her enemies won't kill her. People who can shift into dragons are able to talk to them when they meditate and heal quickly.

Characters Edit

Clove Edit

Title: Crown Princess Of The Cerulean Blood-line.

Family: Mother (deceased), Uncle.

Husband: Kyro (ep 52)

Age: 21 years old

Height: 5'4"

Physical Desc: Lengthy, sultry red hair as well as bright, sapphire blue eyes. Described by Kharis as to have nice legs and a busty figure. Her hair is commonly worn in a high ponytail with two strands left out on either side of her face. Clove also has a dragon tattoo that swirls around her back; since the assassination attempt, the tattoo has become more prominent and seems to be glowing red. She loves Kyro a lot, and also cares about him. She always wants Kyro to stay with her.

"I care for the thousands that have lost their lives fighting this war, for the women without husbands and the children without fathers, for the peasants whose fertile lands have been turned into battlefields. I hope to see a future where the people of our clans can feel safe and prosper. Should any man help me realize such a dream, I would follow him to the ends of this Earth."

Personality: Determined, Feisty, Humble, Clever, Cunning, Occasionally Stubborn, Caring, Loving, Sometimes naive, Sweet.

Facts: She nearly died at the hands of an assassination attempt, but was saved by Kyro with a kiss or " Breath" as Red calls it.

Kyro Edit

Pronunciation: Kai-Row

Title: Crown Prince of the Crimson Blood-line

Family: Sister Kharis, Empress (Mother), Brother (Deceased), Father (Deceased).

Wife: Clove, Cerulean Princess. (ep 52)

Age: 23 years old

Height: 5'11" and a half

Physical Desc: Brown hair that seems to be styled backward with few strands falling over his forehead. Kyro has bright, devilish amber eyes and a masculine build. He is also described as extremely handsome. Kyro has a red dragon tattoo that marred his skin around his arms and back. He's not as cruel and scary as he wants us to think, he's actually peaceful, caring and sweet when he wants to be. When he looks peaceful and calm when he's sleep he doesn't look so tough as he always is and looks. He loves Clove a lot and also cares for her, he would do anything to make her happy. He loves Cloves company.

Personality: Stubborn, Arrogant, Stuck-up, Aloof, Flirty, Egotistical, Prideful, occasionally sweet and caring; usually around Clove.

”Wherever he is, I think he would be glad to know that I will rule this kingdom alongside another dragon...-Even one with blue scales.”

Aaron Edit

Age: 23 years old

Height: 6'0"

Physical Desc: Brownish blonde hair, blue eyes, handsome

Personality: Has feelings for Clove but ultimately respects her decision-making, doesn't trust anyone who isn't Azure, protects Clove and deeply cares for her, a talented fighter, jealous of Kyro but maintains his duty as a soldier.

Nicknames: Headband; Headband Boy/Boi

Facts: ignoring Clove for everyone's well being

Kharis Edit

Pronunciation: Kah-r-is  

Age: 19 years old

Family: Kyro (Brother), Mother (Empress), Father (Deceased), Brother (deceased)

Height: 5'1"

Physical Desc: Brown hair, amber eyes, dragon tattoo on her left thigh and wears her trademark red eyeshadow "all day, every day". She's caring and sweet.  She loves Cloves company.

Personality: Carefree, treated like gold by Kyro, energetic, sassy but fun, enjoys being with Clove. She lost her brother when she was young and has helped Kyro since.

Facts: Has love for dancing, and used to practice for hours daily. Developed a crush on Nouren (ep 55)

Nouren Edit

Pronunciation: Nor-in

Physical Desc: Blonde hair, violet eyes

Personality: somewhat strict, serious,

Age: 24 years old

Height: 6'2"

Captain of the Azure Guard (that accompanied Clove to the Crimson Palace)

Developing feelings for Kharis.

Mai Edit

Pronounced: May

Age: 29 years old

Height: 5'3"

Physical Desc: Blue hair, brown eyes

Personality: Talkative, loves to gossip

We love her and she is a total Kyro x Clove shipper aka the embodiment of a percentage of us fans.


Official Trailer SubZero

Official Trailer SubZero




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