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Sunny Side Skies is a Slice of life and Comedy Canvas Webtoon created by soaporsalad.


Detatched and lacking direction in life, Adam resigns himself to his day job at the cafe. There he meets the regular Chase, who is peppy, sugar-fueled - and his polar opposite.



Physical Description: Short light brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Calm, keeps to himself. A hard worker, as shown throughout the series.

Quote: "...$5.87"

Adam, a college graduate, has a cynical outlook on life, and is monotone and straightforward, the opposite of his counterpart, Chase.

Adam is shown to be a hard worker throughout the series. He works two jobs, his first being a barista at Autumn Leaf Cafe. His second job is currently unknown. His mother is often absent, presumably due to her job as a flight attendant, leaving Adam to be the main caretaker of his younger brother, Seth. Adam has lost contact with most of his friends over the years, and was broken up with by his ex-girlfriend for being "too closed off." In what free time he has, Adam is shown to enjoy cooking and working out.

Fans theorize that Adam's shut-off approach to life could be the result of a past trauma, either due to the results of his actions or one of his parents. In an early episode, Adam says he has no right to be "goofing off" because "after what happened last time, I'm the only one who can be there for him (referring to Seth)". It is accompanied by a panel of a passed-out person's hand in a pool of alcohol and a distressed Seth.

As of 2019, no one is sure who the person was, but it was most likely Adam or one of his parents.


Physical Description: Black hair, brown eyes. Wears glasses. When excited, blushes a slight bit.

Personality: Eccentric, and always gets overly excited about everything. Almost like a little kid.

Quote: "I haven't been on time in the past two weeks..."

Chase is a college student at Atisville University. He has an extremely positive attitude and is always depicted as happy.

Chase likes video games, watching K-Dramas, and animated Disney movies. He also plays video games, including League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. He is known for his sugar addiction, including ice cream, but most famously his regular drink order, which is an extra large salted iced caramel cafe mocha with two pumps of vanilla, four pumps of hazelnut, extra mocha sauce, chips, chocolate drizzle, extra caramel drizzle, a scoop of vanilla bean powder and extra whip. He is a procrastinator, as shown in earlier episodes where he puts off studying for an important test to play video games.

Chase may always be smiling, but it is a popular fan theory that he is actually depressed or something similar because of the barrage of affirmative sticky notes everywhere in his apartment. This can also be supported by episode 2.6 where Chase tells Adam he never got to do things with his family because of his mother's health and his father's work schedule. This is the only mention we've heard of his parents in the comic, so it can be presumed he is not close with his family, and may be dealing with depressive episodes alone. 


Physical Description: Looks like Adam, but has shorter hair and is younger, consequentially making him shorter.

Personality: Very passionate when it comes to his fandoms. Like Chase, but is more mature.

Quote: "He's a super strong hero who saves the world but has to hide his identity with a common household appliance..."

Seth is Adam's younger brother. He is nine years old and in fifth grade. He loves the comic Toaster Dude, but is depicted as more mature with his interest than Chase.


Last updated on January 4, 2021
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