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Taejoon Park is the creator of the hit webtoon Lookism. Featured in the genre DRAMA, Park's webtoon portrays a lot of real-world conflicts.

Taejoon Park said that Lookism was inspired by his own personal experience. When he was a child, he had been bullied until he moved to a new school and decided to "change himself." There he met new people and eventually became more open to others.

Since childhood, Taejoon Park has always loved to draw. The scribbles of comic strips on the back of his notebooks were the beginning of the creation of Lookism. His passion for comics motivated him to take art classes, but unfortunately he had to quit them due to financial problems.

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Title Lookism
Creator Taejoon Park

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  • He is a famous South Korean Ulzzang, a model, a singer, and MC.
  • He is the CEO of his own online shop, ABOKI, and one of its main models.
  • He was on the TV series Ulzzang Shidae for a few seasons.
  • His blood type is AB.
  • He prefers to draw in a quiet environment, like his room.
  • He uses Park Hyung Seok, an Ulzzang, as a model for his main character Seok Park.
  • Some clothes in Lookism are real clothes of famous brands.

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