The Devil is a Handsome Man (TDIAHM) is a featured Romance Webtoon created by Hellothisisangle. The comic started on 14 February 2018 and updates every Wednesday.

This story is set in Centralia, a fictional city in which demons reside.

Synopsis Edit

Xolia makes a deal with the devil in order to obtain her desires. But she soon finds that this deal is shrouded in more mystery than she could have imagined.


Xolia Edit

Xolia (Xo) is a fire elemental demon. Her entire body from the neck down is charcoal, and she has a tendency to emit fiery sparks whenever she is anxious. She has long hair the colour of red wine, and sprouts two horns from her forehead. In the beginning of the story, she applies to work for the devil Lucifer, and makes a deal with him to recover the memories which she lost.

Lucifer Edit

Lucifer (Luc) is the eponymous devil. He wields considerable power over Centralia, and has a vested interest in Xolia. Luc has a hole where his face should be, but that fact does not seem to interfere with his impeccable style and day-to-day activities.

Val Edit

Val Cotrell is Head of Security in Lucifer's company. A bad-tempered chain-smoker, Val is often seen antagonising other characters. A horn emerges from Val's right eye socket, mirroring a second horn at the back of their head. Val is androgynous, and is referred by both pronouns by different groups of people.

Clarence Edit

Clarence (Ren) is the sole employee at the Transportation department. He is...

Delta Edit

Delta is...

Gabe Edit

Gabriel (Gabe) is...

Jaz Edit

Jaz is...

Lem Edit

Salem (Lem) is...

Soren Edit

Soren appears in episode...


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