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The Greatest Estate Developer is a Fantasy Webtoon Original adapted by Lee hyunmin and art by Kim Hyunsoo and original work by BK_Moon; it updates every Sunday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.

There is a work that have a universe like this series:

The Webtoon is based on a web novel by the same name created by BK_Moon and illustrated by Mang-gi.


When civil engineering student Suho Kim falls asleep reading a fantasy novel, he wakes up as a character in the book! Suho is now in the body of Lloyd Frontera, a lazy noble who loves to drink, and whose family is in a mountain of debt. Using his engineering knowledge, Suho designs inventions to avert the terrible future that lies in wait for him. With the help of a giant hamster, a knight, and the world’s magic, can Suho dig his new family out of debt and build a better future?


Suho Kim (Lloyd Frontera)

Javier Asrahan




Last updated on December 24, 2021
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