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The Kiss Bet is a Romance Webtoon Original created by Ingrid Ochoa; it updates every Saturday.


It’s senior year and Sara Lin just turned 18. She’s got great friends, a cool Dad (or so he thinks) and a whole lot ahead of her. The last thing she needs is to worry about having her first kiss. But that’s all about to change because her good pal Patrick just challenged her to a bet that will either lead to love, heartbreak or embarrassment…or maybe all three.


Sara Lin

The protagonist of the series, Sara is an 18-year-old high school Senior caught in a string of bets made with her best friend, Patrick Gong.

Patrick Gong

Patrick is Sara's best friend. Patrick had previously rejected Sara when she confessed to him and the duo decided to remain "just friends." However, after Sara's attention turned to transfer student Joe Yang, Patrick's suppressed crush on Sara finally came to light.

Vicky Lin

Vicky is Sara's cousin and one of her best friends. Although the two go to different schools, they continue to have a great relationship and try to see each other as often as possible.

Joe Yang

Joe is the new transfer student who was conveniently seated in front of Sara in class. After being rejected by Vicky, Joe decided to pursue Sara, much to Patrick's discontent.

Oliver Yang

Oliver is Joe's younger half-brother and Sara's math tutor. Oliver and Sara's friendship was initially tense because she freaked Oliver out when they first met by asking him for a kiss (on a bet with Patrick). Their forced time spent together eventually developed into a friendship. We still don't know if Oliver feels anything romantic towards Sara, but they did become closer.

Tammy Yokoyama

Tammy is a classmate of Sara's who has a crush on Patrick. Although Tammy has never flat out said that she has a crush on him, she has expressed her feelings in other ways, including secret" love letters.


Season One

Season Two