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The Little Trashmaid is a Comedy and Slice of life Canvas Webtoon created by s0s2.


Short comic strips of a mermaid in the modern days~



Also known as, The Little Trashmaid. Tidy is a 12 year old mermaid who reflects the current effects pollution is having on our oceans. She does not have the ability to speak but she can sing in vocal tunes. She is daughter to Trash King and friends of Ricky, Spencer, and a currently unnamed mermaid. Tidy wears and uses items she finds in the ocean. Most of these items being plastics and other pollutants in contrast to the expected natural elements of nature. She is a fan of most vegetables and especially tomatoes. Her earliest appearance in the comic depicts that she is not well having digested a mass of fishing wire along with coughing up other debris. Tidy's birthday is May 13th.


Ricky first appeared at the beginning of the comics main story in episode 18 after crashing through a guardrail while texting Spencer resulting in him falling into the sea. Ricky was pulled to shore by Tidy and after the fright of such events and seeing a mermaid Ricky returned in hopes of capturing a picture of Tidy to become famous. Later he thought of possibly putting her on display to become rich and famous but due to her sickly state he abandoned the idea. His friendship with Tidy steadily grew as he began helping her and seeing her plight. Assisting in cutting away fishing wire and trash from the local wildlife to cleaning the beach. Ricky introduced Tidy to Spencer. While Ricky has shown to have a crush on Spencer nothing has been released to confirm they are in a relationship yet. Ricky also has a cat named Tan-Tan. Ricky's birthday is September 6th and he is 17 years old.


Spencer is the friend of Ricky who was introduced to Tidy in episode 33. Spencer was also the person Ricky was texting when he had his accident resulting in him crashing his car. Spencer was first introduced wearing a cast much to the confusion of Tidy. The injury was the result of a fall while riding his skateboard. Spencer is a much more calm friend when compared to Ricky, leading him to the discovery that while Tidy cannot speak she does have the ability to read and write. Spencer is also the younger brother to a currently unnamed sister. He also seems to have a dog with no known name. Spencer is 17 years old who's birthday is March 6th.

Trash King

Trash King is the father of Tidy. Trash King first appeared in episode 28. Trash King is currently trapped having had his tail wrapped in a mess of cables, wire, fishing cord, netting, and other trash. Signs of Tidy's attempts to free him can be seen in episode 47. Tidy has attempted to free her father even breaking the scissors gifted by Ricky in episodes 27-28. While being unable to free him Tidy does try to comfort him sharing her gifted vegetables with him and spending time with him. His tail show signs of serious trauma even beginning to discolor and appear deformed due to the stress of the restraint. Currently there are no others whom seem to know about him or his condition. Trash King does not have a confirmed age or name as of yet. The author has also stated that while he is extremely large this is an abnormality and not the standard possibly resulting in him being named a king.

Unnamed Merboy

Introduced in episode episode 65 this mermaid appears to be paler and more lethargic than Tidy. He also collects trash and other debris maintaining his collection in an organized fashion. Currently there is no name or age given to this character.


Last updated on February 26, 2021
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