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The Princess's Jewels is a Fantasy Webtoon Original written by JYUN and art by Hong Cha; it updates every Thursday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver Series.


Princess Ariana de Secramise knows that becoming the first-ever empress of the Arbezela Empire will be no small task. That’s why she collects five beautiful “jewels” -- talented, handsome men from all across the lands -- to help her reach her goal. Can Ariana maneuver her way through court politics to become the empress, and can these jewels help her shine?


Ariana de Secramise

Princess Ariana de Secramis is the beloved daughter of the Arbezela Empire's ruler who decides to stop dreaming of the throne and of handsome men, instigating a harem of "living jewels" to bring her closer to becoming the empress.

Nell Phantom

Duke Nell Phantom is a powerful swordsman who was the key for Arbezela to win a war against the Orian Islands. Mysterious, striking, and capable of transforming into a wolf, Princess Ariana wins his heart and makes him her first "jewel".

Erfit Karsia

Second Prince Erfit Karsia is the military commander of Xek, a powerful demon slayer with passion as fervid as his crimson hair. Though he chooses to hide his face under a mask, Princess Ariana is the one woman Erfit ever desired, and she makes him her second "jewel".

Haun Baek

Though Haun Baek is a commoner, he is a trusted general of the King and Queen of Darhan, moonlighting as "The Fairy of the Moon", skilled in the art of music. Elegant and graceful, Princess Ariana persuades him into become her third "jewel".

Raymond Amber

Raymond Amber is the charming, seducing son of a royal family in a nation allied with Arbezela known as Galdeon. Because of his golden hair and eyes, Princess Ariana affectionately calls him "Lemon", making him her third "jewel", and by far one of her most loyal.

Jade Meldea

A stoic and serious man, Jade is a descendant of House Meldea, one of the Five Holy Houses of Mistral. He claims to want to escape from the jewel due to Princess Ariana using his father's promiscuity to have him as her final "jewel".



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