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The Snake and the Flower is a Historical Webtoon created by Na-eum So; it updates every Saturday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.


Long ago, an emperor suddenly decided to execute the members of his court. Only after being offered a girl named Aehwa, did the emperor’s rampage stop. The emperor cherishes his "flower" dearly. When Aehwa expresses an interest in music, the Emperor makes Harang Kang her personal court musician. However, the emperor decreed that only he can lay eyes on Aehwa and has Harang’s eyes destroyed. After finding out the true cause of his father’s death, Harang swears revenge on both Aehwa and the Emperor. In this twisted realm of snakes and flowers, who will prevail?


Harang Kang

Harang Kang is a genius musician who's eyes are destroyed. He was taken in as a boy by Master Kang, who taught him the haegeum. He previously studied at the hyanggokwon, the musical institute, and is now the personal musician of Lady Aehwa.


Aehwa is the beloved "flower" of the emperor, who was born into a "certain ambitious family". She is hidden from everyone else, and lives deep in the Imperial Palace. She is being taught music by Harang Kang.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the tyrannical emperor of the land. He survived multiple assassination attempts staged by the other members of the court. He seems to have trauma of something that happened in his past.

Master Kang

Master Kang is a musician, the adopted father of Harang Kang, and the former grand tutor for the emperor. He was killed on the orders of the emperor for unknown reasons.


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