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The Steam Dragon Express was a Fantasy Webtoon Original written by Merryweather and illustrated by Porforever; it concluded on December 22, 2018.


The Steam Dragon Express is a magical flying academy where future adventurers from all the continent reunite to learn the ancient monster slaying profession. Bernadette is one of those students, whom now has to fight her personal problems to become a better magician and make her father proud. But this new year will not just bring friendship, adventures and excitement to the Express' students, but also danger, as a theat is rising in the world that will shake the very same core of the world they all know.



A young girl with peculiar red hair with some green sporuts coming out of her crown that looks like leaves. She's regarded as socially awkward (excepting Charlotte, her childhood friend) after bieng bullied in the magician's school for her weak magic nature. She's always accompanied by her pet ghost dove Pablo.


Bernadette's first friend and pet, a ghost dove able to pronounce and repeat words. He often refers to Bernadette as "tomato" due to her peculiar hair. Despite his often mockery, he's very loyal and lovable towards her. Throught the comics, he made friends with a ghost penguin and a palm bird that tag along the Express with him.


Bernadette's childhood friend. She's an alchemist with a "mad scientist" kinda vibe around her and a cheapskate personality when focused in business matters. She's very fond of Bernadette and likes to make fun of her, but in times of crisis she's always there to help.


Mischevous Gunner. He gains Bernadette's remorse after dropping her during an exam to face consecuences against the teachers by herself.


Bernadette's classmate. Stern, serious and hotheaded, she's a noble form the Devalia family that thinks too high of herself due to her education since she was a child. Despite her often rude demanor, she's also brave and courageous, willing to fight till the end. She later befriends Bernadette after she helps her against a monster.

Tara and Jessa

Bernadette's classmates and Elaine's friends.


Class C student in Bernadette and Charlotte's homeroom.


Class C student. She's often sleepy due to her constant need of sleeping, acting calm and lazy most of the time. But when suffers from sleep deprivation becomes mad and kinda scary.


Class A student from the Steam Dragon Express. He tends to act superior and rude to newcomers.


Lancel's partner. Unlike him, he's more down-to-earth and sympathetic, but has some trouble controlling his own strength much to Lancel's dismay.

Artemis Peregrin

The Steam Dragon Express headmaster. He's respected by his students and teachers alike, and often serves as a figure for leadership, wisdom and kindness.


Bernadette's class homeroom teacher. Flamboyant, joyful, elegant, kinda full of himself and often self-referred as "the most beautiful man in the empire". He always wears an armor and helmet due to the terrible burns he suffers since a battle against the Bandit King and despite his arrogant tendencies, they are not without reason since he's a very strong fighter and magician.


Head teacher of Class C. Tall, loud and sometimes scary due to his constant screaming,


Elven archery teacher at the Steam Dragon Express. She's beautiful and tends to smile all the time.


Owner of the Bunny Maid Café aboard the Dragon Express.


Empress of the Grand Empire. Current ruler after the passing of the old king, her father. Young and unexperienced, she's manipulated and betrayed, saved by Bernadette's father from certain death. She later joins the academy of adventurers for protection.


The Court Mage of the Grand Empire and Bernadette's father. Growing without a mother, Bernard is everything for her. He's the strongest mage in the empire and is very respected in the capital. During the coup, he rescues empress Alexandrine to take her to safety.


Student in the Steam Dragon Express and follower of the cult of the Black Cross. She's a fanatic that follows the order blindly and belives everything it defends.

Lord Charles Ashdown

Charlotte's older brother, Lord Protector of the empire and Leader of the Black Knights, an organization stating a coup against it to farm monsters in order to gain Gaia Crystals.

Bandit King

Leader of an army of criminals that tend to devastate villages. He's Lumiere's enemy and the burned scars in his body are proof of their bond of hatred. His army assist Lord Ashdown to take over the Grand Empire for him.

Sir Lorence

The Imperial Army Commander. Bernadette recalls him as a friend of his father, but betrays the Grand Empire to serve the Black Knights.


Teacher at the Steam Dragon Express later revealed to be an undercover Black Knight. He poses as a nice and calm person, but his hatred against mafical creatures is the only thing that drives him forward.


Last updated on December 22, 2018
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