The World Where I Belong is a featured drama webtoon created by GMOW, it is about a high school boy who attempts to commit suicide before being stopped by a girl who calls herself a savior.. It updates every Wednesday.

Synopsis. Edit

A high school student's attempt to end his life is interrupted by a strange girl with even stranger powers.

Characters Edit

Kouki Nukaga Edit

Kouki is the main character of TWWIB, and he is the character that attempts to commit suicide. He is stopped by a young girl named C. Airi who calls herself a savior. It is mentioned that he used to be more open in the past, but it seems some events happened to make him as disclosed as he is.

C. Airi Edit

C. Airi is a savior assigned to Kouki to stop him from committing suicide. Her physical form is a flock of red and blackbirds. When she's in her "human" form, that is called her ethereal form.

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