Hello, I'm Ally.
I've been on the wiki scene since 2017, but I'm always up for learning something new. The best way to contact me is on Discord @ aoiferising#4777, or contact me on any of my wiki's!

My Wikis

A Silent Voice
Down To Earth
Kingdom Hearts
Let's Play
LINE Webtoon

Lovely Complex
Remarried Empress
That Wolf-Boy is Mine!
The Kiss Bet

I'm going to curse you and make you shrink 1cm every day. In 156 days, you'll vanish completely.Risa Koizumi

To Do

  • Decide on image and colors for {{NavInspirational}}, {{NavSchool}}, {{NavSS}}, and {{NavZombies}}
  • Figure out something for the days of week categories...transclude weekday categories into a template and add that to scheduled Webtoons?
  • Character table???
  • Plots???????
  • Update all file types to .png
  • Add missing Webtoon articles
  • Figure out better way to display "Other" content on articles
  • Add "No Wordmark" wordmark for :Webtoons with Wikis that don't have a wordmark, like Animanga wiki. EX: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

Daily To Do's

  • Add new banners
  • Add new series articles
  • Add new series to navs and weekday templates
  • Update {{Slider}} with new series
  • Update episode counts

Weekly To Do's

  • Update {{Monday}}, {{Tuesday}}, {{Wednesday}}, {{Thursday}}, {{Friday}}, {{Saturday}}, {{Sunday}} to reflect new and completed series
  • Check for new trailers on Youtube

Monthly To Do's

  • Update {{Featured}} (first of the month)


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