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Hello, my name is Ally.
I've been on the wiki scene since 2017.
The best way to contact me is on Discord @aoiferising#4777.

My Wikis

Kingdom Hearts
Lovely Complex

LINE Webtoon
Remarried Empress

"I'm going to curse you and make you shrink 1cm every day.
In 156 days, you'll vanish completely.
Risa Koizumi

To Do

  • Decide on image and colors for {{NavInspirational}}, {{NavSchool}}, {{NavSS}}, and {{NavZombies}}
  • Figure out something for the days of week categories...transclude weekday categories into a template and add that to scheduled Webtoons?
  • Character table???
  • Plots???????
  • Update all file types to .png
  • Add missing Webtoon articles
  • Figure out better way to display "Other" content on articles
  • Add "No Wordmark" wordmark for :Webtoons with Wikis that don't have a wordmark, like Animanga wiki. EX: Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

Daily To Do's

  • Add new banners
  • Add new series articles
  • Add new series to navs and weekday templates
  • Update {{Slider}} with new series
  • Update episode counts

Weekly To Do's

  • Update {{Monday}}, {{Tuesday}}, {{Wednesday}}, {{Thursday}}, {{Friday}}, {{Saturday}}, {{Sunday}} to reflect new and completed series
  • Check for new trailers on Youtube

Monthly To Do's

  • Update {{Featured}} (first of the month)