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Watermelon is a Fantasy Webtoon Original created by Rorita; it updates every Tuesday.


Orphaned at a young age, two stray cat siblings struggle through life to find their place in this world. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, each sibling must eventually find their own path.



A half-laibah cat with blue eyes (inherited from her mother). She lives on the street with her younger sibling, Simon. She has a positive and kind personality, though sometimes she feels like it's her fault she can't provide for them. She met Doran when Doran droped her rose on the ground and lives with them until she left to find a cure for Simon's sickness.

A full laibah (after letting the forest spirit, Taku, change her into a full laibah so she could go to Intaba Mountain) with red eyes. After meeting her father, she makes the cure for Simon and meets other laibahs. When she travels down the mountain, she meets a mysterious laibah that "gives her the chills." She is 15, and she is currently traveling with former wolf-alpha Verona to get home.


Simon is a cat that has purple hair that is white at the end. Simon has blue eyes (inherited from their mother) and is 12. Simon inherited their sickness from Luna, their mother. Simon is the younger sibling of Uri and has resorted to thievery several times to find them food and money when they both lived in the streets. They are quiet and loves their sister very much, and has an injured eye after an incident. They can also be very stubborn and will eat anything edible. Their gender is a mystery. For now, their new family has settled on "Simon is Simon."


A young dog with green hair (often nicknamed "Apple Head" by Leon) and sensitive eyes, she welcomed Uri and Simon into their home after meeting Uri on the streets. She lost her parents a while back and lives with her Grandpa, and loves flowers. She has grown her own garden in her old and new home and loves her family very much, even Leon, though they argue often. She is kind and gentle, though can be scared easily and if she is saddened, she may stay saddened unless something makes her happy, as shown after she lost her family. She is 13.


An 18-year-old lion with "funny ears" and long orange hair tied in a ponytail. He is a thief for a living, and usually wears a brown jacket and a large hat. When he was younger, he lived in a mansion, but when he snuck out and discovered how the poor lived, he was shocked. He bought a wolf slave from a slave master, and became friends with him, naming him Lykios, and bringing food to him and the poor. But when he makes the mistake of showing Lykios how he sneaked out and his mansion, Lykios and his fellow thieves are killed. After that, he ran away and steals from the rich to give to the poor. He has a good moral compass and saves Simon from being killed.

Doran's Grandpa

An old man who takes care of Doran and accepted Uri and Simon into his family. He made the choice of moving to keep his new family safe and tries to make sure nothing can hurt or sadden Doran ever again. He is gentle and kind, though rather scary when angered.


A tiger laibah who lives in the small town in Intaba Mountain with other laibahs. He was born there, but his parents went down, and never returned. When he tried to find them, he collapsed and was saved by Ban, Uri's father. He meets Uri when he saves her from a snowstorm, and when she tugs on his tail, surprising him. She tries to find the herbalist, and he tells her to run away, but when he discovers she is his daughter, he is surprised, and buys new clothes for the "clumsy girl". He has long bangs and two locks of hair that are longer than his hair, which is shoulder-length and white with slightly darker stripes in his hair. He grows close to Uri during the short days he stays with her and starts to see her differently. He gives her his scarf and some twilight lotus seeds when Uri leaves and makes her promise to come to see him again.


Luna was Uri's and Simon's mother who died and left her children orphaned. She had long violet hair and blue eyes. She was diseased (which Simon inherited), and was trapped in her house until she met Ban and traveled with him. She fell in love with him and bore him two children as he helped her with her sickness, but when he left her, promising to find her a cure, she died.


Uri and Simon’s father. He was orphaned at a young age and traveled around the country until he met Luna and freed her. He traveled with her and fell in love with her, and found herbs to help her sickness. He is a cat laibah, and that caused his family trouble. He traded his leg to find food and money until he left Luna, which was for the better and to find a cure for her. But when he finds the laibah town in Intaba Mountain, he found a helpful cure for Luna. He goes back to find her but finds her body instead, and is crushed with grief. He returns to the laibah village instead of looking for his children. He helped Chiro when he collapsed looking for his parents and took him in. When he found himself face-to-face with Uri, he is shocked by her eyes, and apologizes, and tries to explain what happens. He asks if he is cursed when he discovers Simon inherited Luna's disease, and helps Uri to make the cure, and warns her that she needs to come back up to the mountain for more ingredients. When she leaves, he tells her that she will always have a family here for her.


Verona was a former wolf-alpha who saved Uri from being torn apart. She offered her a place to stay and safe passage through the Arcine Kingdom. She bought Uri clothes and food for traveling, she sacrificed her position for Uri when she was discovered. She was the one who was assigned by the wolf king to kill the wolf laibah and is still guilty that she took the life of an innocent child. She met Uri in the forest surrounding Intaba Mountain, and Uri guides her out of the forest when the forest starts to affect her. She was the one who made the pact with Woodpine Town to only allow wolf alphas wearing a necklace of fangs, and she is traveling with Uri and promises to protect her on the way back.


Last updated on July 25, 2022
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