Here on the wiki, there are a few administrators  and bureaucrats on the site. They have access to a few other functions on the wiki.

List of Site StaffEdit

Username Groups Desc Status
EarthlingnAkumi (bureaucrat, founder)  The founder of the wiki. Spends a lot of time on the VOCALOID wikia as well as this one. Most likely avaliable for help. Inactive
WeebyWeebster (sysop/admin, rollback) The first helper of the wiki. She tries to help out as much as she can but has a lot of other work to balance out. Sometimes available for help. Inactive
ShutinOtaku (sysop/admin, bureaucrat) Your handy-dandy CSS helper (still learning) ocassionally breaks something with css or javascript. Always around to help though! Active
Wildheart970 (sysop/admin) Active
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