Confused on how creator pages should be? Consult this article!

Creating an article on a creator Edit

Here on the Webtoon wiki, we are dedicated to creating pages on creators. A incorrect or bad page can lead to bad impressions, and/or deletion. With that being said, we’ll help you out and tell you how to fix or improve a page. So, these pages must be properly formatted in order to be up to standards. If a page is not fully completed, you can Sandbox it, or put a notice saying that it is not finished.

If a page is not sandboxed or does not have a notice and is incomplete (meaning either blank or not up to guidelines) it will be deleted.

If you are a creator, please do not add yourself to the wiki. If you would like to request an article to be created for yourself, please contact an admin. You can edit the page later, but NO self advertisement will be permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Layout Edit

A page should generally look something like this:

{{Infobox Creator}}
== Profile ==

== Webtoons ==

== Other Links ==


If a part of a creator's name or all of it does NOT use the Latin Alphabet (the alphabet the english language uses) then their name should be romanized.


Shen -> Shen

つき -> つき (Tsuki)

WIP Pages Edit

If your creator page is unfinished, add the {{WIPCreator}} template

{{WIPCreator|bold = |color = green}}

Results in...


Infobox Creator Edit

The creator infobox is a way to organize information about a creator.

{{Infobox Creator|title1 = Example Creator|row1 = Example # of comics |row2 = Example FB <br> Example Twitter <br> Example Other}}

Results In...

[see next to profile]

Refrain from adding fan social medias or comics not created by the creator.

Profile Edit

The profile should be formatted a bit like this, however substitute certain things for what is shown.


"Example Creator" is the creator of the webtoons ex1 (link) and ex2 (link). They are known for making example genre comics. They are well known for their webtoon ex2.

Webtoons Edit

The webtoons should be organized using the Infobox CreatorWeboons.

{{Infobox CreatorWebtoons|Title = Ex1|creator = Example Creator}}

Results in...

Webtoon logo
Title Ex1
Creator Example Creator

Of course, you can also change the image.

Other Links Edit

Other links associated with the creator or webtoon.

As stated above, no fan works are allowed.

That's it! Edit

Congratulations! You've just created a creator page! In the future, more templates will be added for easier access. Stay tuned!

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