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The Webtoons Wiki footer is a shared template that showcases LINE Webtoons communities hosted on Fandom.

If you are an admin of a LINE Webtoons wiki and want to include your wiki, feel free to add it to the footer, but please keep the following in mind before you do so:

Your wiki will be removed if
  • The wiki's topic is not about a webtoon or webtoon collective that is hosted on the LINE Webtoons site.
  • It's a wiki that is not hosted on FANDOM.
  • The admin(s) of the wiki or the creator(s) of the comic ask for it to be removed.
After you add your wiki to the footer
  • Place the footer on the main page of your wiki with this code: {{w:webtoonsfooter}}.

Other footers may suit your wiki better, such as {{kwebtoon}} or {{webcomicsfooter}}.


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