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Thanks for visiting this page! Here is a set of guidelines for users who wish to contribute by uploading images. We ask that all users respect the rules and policies of Webtoon Wiki. Keep in mind that activity on this wiki is monitored and failure to abide by the following protocols will result in the image(s) being deleted. Recurring offenses will incur a warning or block.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact a staff member for assistance. We are always happy to help!

Available Image Templates

  • {{Rename}} - Please add this template to the file summary if the image is incorrectly/improperly titled.
  • {{Delete}} - Please add this template to the file summary if the image is uploaded accidentally or for another reason.

Uploading Images

Acceptable Images Unacceptable Images
  • Images related to the series' and taken directly from:
    • Webtoons
    • Creator or Webtoon social media
  • Images with descriptive titles
  • Image extensions:
    • .png
    • .svg

  • Webtoon images:
    • Text-free
      • While speech bubbles are allowed, text inside a speech bubble must be erased.
    • SFX is also allowed
    • No watermark
      • With the exception of the official watermark.
  • Images unrelated to Webtoons
  • Fanart
  • Collages
  • Inappropriate images
  • Duplicate images
    • Duplicate images are only allowed as a replacement with higher resolution.
  • Image extensions:
    • .gif
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg

Licensing of Images

In accordance to FANDOM policy, any images uploaded to Webtoon Wiki must be licensed and text-free. Please use the following licenses as necessary and accordingly:


Please contact a staff member if you need support for this step. Irrelevant or unused images are subject to removal.

Categorizing Images

After uploading a file, please add the appropriate categories via the button at the bottom of the page, at the tab on the right hand side of the Classic Editor window, or manually typing them out in Source Editor.