Mistakes that result in a message Edit

See also: Image Guidelines Mistakes, well, are mistakes! It's okay if you do these things once or twice clearly on accident. One of the admins will just message you to let you know the correct way to do things. We've all made mistakes before!

  • Using templates in a manner they are not intended for (ie using {{ScrollboxEpisode}} for social media).
  • Being off-topic in a discussion that is not about that specific topic.

Behavior that will result in a warning Edit

If you are found guilty of doing something purposefully, you will get a warning.

  • Doing any of the above things purposefully
  • Spam
  • Self-Advertisement (i.e, "I made a youtube video, you should go watch it!")
  • No plagiarism (taking directly from another article). Quotes are okay but don't quote the whole article, a paragraph or two at most.
  • Altering the words of another person.
  • Editing other user pages that are NOT yours.
  • Harassment, Bullying, or offensive content
  • No uploads of videos unless they are an official webtoon trailer.

Behavior that will most likely result in a ban Edit

Usually, instant bans are rare, in most cases you are warned a few times before being banned. There are some special exceptions, however.

  • Doing any of the above things 5 times or more (with warning)
  • Severe harassment
  • Vandalism
  • Creating multiple accounts after being banned (sockpuppeting)
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