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Witch Hunt is a Supernatural Webtoon Original created by SSO PARK; it concluded on August 10, 2016.


At the first day of his school, Gamin saw something that he shouldn't have seen and from that day, his previously witch-less life became double double toiled and troubled.


Izzy Zang

Izzy Zang (장이지 Jang Iji) is a young girl that Gamin immediately finds out is some sort of a magician. After finding out her secret, he decides to tail her and she eventually finds him out. Gamin asks who she is and she simply says that she's a witch. Gamin then tells himself that for the first time in his life, he wanted something other than money, and that thing was Izzy's marble. After stealing her marble, she hunts Gamin down and a few more days ensue. After forcing Gamin into a secluded room, she demands he gives her back the marble. After Gamin grows up, he finds Izzy once more and she tells him to not talk with her. Gamin finds that ever since he stole her marble, he's been seeing more of the summoned demon that was there on that day. Izzy eventually proposes she and Gamin work together and he agrees. After a few more episodes, it was revealed that she is the witch of vengeance/revenge. Her abilities are heavily based on flames and that she has reincarnated. It was revealed that her true name is Suri (수리).


Gamin Shin (신가민) is an extroverted young boy who on the first day of transferring schools immediately finds out Izzy's secret of being a witch. After confronting her about the matter, his life was entangled with matters of witches and demons. He is an extreme kleptomaniac due to his past relationship with his mother. Due to this, however, his father completely rejects him and he is now living alone.


Last updated on August 10, 2016
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