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Your Throne is a Fantasy Webtoon Original created by SAM; it updates every Saturday, but is currently on a hiatus. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.


Tensions are brewing under the seemingly calm surface of the Vasilios Empire, a kingdom ruled by the Imperial Family and the Temple. Lady Medea Solon has lost her place next to Crown Prince Eros, but resolves to do whatever it will take to win back what's rightfully hers. Will she reclaim her throne?

The story follows main characters Medea Solon and Psyche Callista, who become archenemies after competing for the position of crown princess of the Vasilios Empire. On the day of the Yearly Prayer, Medea and Psyche accidentally switch bodies. Medea is now engaged to Eros Orna Vasilios, the crown prince, while Psyche struggles to deceive close acquaintances of Medea, including Helio Niccolo, the young marquess and Medea's childhood friend.


Medea Solon

The protagonist of the series, Medea is the eldest daughter of the House of Duke Solon and childhood friends with the young Marquess Helio. Though well-known for her cunning, resourceful personality, Medea lost to Psyche in the crown princess competition. Medea and Psyche made concurrent wishes on the day of the Yearly Prayer and subsequently switched bodies. With a second chance, Medea takes on the appearance of Psyche and waits to officially take her seat as crown princess. Medea originally appears slim with strong muscles due to practicing swordsmanship frequently. She has lavish, purple hair which extends past her waist and sharp purple eyes framed with thick black lashes set in a slim, feminine face. She is often seen wearing dark-colored, long dresses with her hair flowing free of accessories. In Psyche's body, Medea takes on the appearance of the young, elegant Lady Psyche Callista.

Psyche Callista

Psyche is the only daughter of the House of Count Callista. After beating Medea in the crown princess contest, Psyche became engaged to Crown Prince Eros Orna Vasilios as the future crown princess. She is well-known for her radiant beauty and gentle nature. After switching bodies, she is forced to adopt a cold, devious facade to pass as Medea. Psyche originally appears to have hair that extends past her waist, often either tied up in different hairstyles or styled with an assortment of accessories. She has a translucent green eyes set in a soft, feminine face and a delicate body with frail arms. Often times, she is seen wearing a brightly-colored, lavish dress and a matching hat during outings. In Medea's body, Psyche takes on the appearance of the charismatic, cunning Lady Medea Solon.

Eros Orna Vasilios

Eros is the crown prince and first heir to the throne of the Vasilios Empire. He is engaged to Psyche and in charge of overseeing empire affairs in place of the ailing king, who is recovering from a recent assassination attempt. He appears to harbor a passionate love for Psyche. Eros has silver, sharp eyes with blue hair and bangs that sweep across his forehead. He is tall with a well-built frame from swordsmanship practice, and often seen wearing large, dark capes that drape on the floor. During outings, he wears a royal, ceremonial uniform, in accordance to the imperial family dress code.

Helio Niccolo

The young marquess in the House of Niccolo. After losing his parents in an accident, Helio befriended Medea and grew to become a reputable, distinguished noble, rapidly restoring the name of the fallen Niccolo Family. He is close friends with Medea, whom he is willing to lay down his life for. Helio appears to have sweeping white hair with deep purple eyes set in a slim, masculine face. He has a strong and muscular build from frequent swordsmanship training. As a marquess, Helio is often seen wearing formal attire beneath long, capes that drape along the floor.


Last updated on June 24, 2022